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Game Show Presentation

No description

Philip White

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Game Show Presentation

We leave you with Bob Barker's iconic sign-off...
Come on down!
Organizing the Great American Game Show

with your host...
The Host
The Set
The Contestants
The Audience
The Running Time
Tonight's first category is...
A game show has:
"One or more contestants competing to win a prize, be it cash or other type of prize.
Some type of game, challenge, or puzzle being played, or a series of similar-themed games.
Stand-alone, self-contained episodes, with or without a returning champion.
A regular host"(Grosvenor, 2012).
The Genre
The Prize
The Audience Age
Associated Phrases
Stunts & Dares
Relationships & Dating
Quiz & Trivia
Puzzles & Word Games
Panel Games
Our next category is...
The Title
General Audiences
Trades & Wagers
Production Company/Sponsor
Original Air Dates
Original Air Network
Number of Seasons
And our final category is...
Who Wants to Win a Starbucks Giftcard?
Run time
Audience Age
Associated Phrases
Broadcast Information
Production Company/Sponsor
Original Air Dates
Original Network
Number of Seasons
Organizational Elements
Monty Hall (Let's make a deal)
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What I did
What I've learned!
Reenactment of the show "What's my line?" from the 1950s -60s
Episodes last about 20-25 minutes
Process included: writing a script, gathering materials, filming & editing
Writing a Script = 2 hours
Gathering Materials = 2-3 hours
Filming = 5 hours
Editing = 10 hours
TOTAL: ~ 20 hours
Script Writing
Organizing People
Filming/Editing Process
Mystery Judges
Filmmaking as a hobby
Hard to Organize Time/Date
Very Fun and the product is very rewarding
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