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Innovation Week

No description


on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Innovation Week

Solar Impulse III

Keith Bortoluzzi, Manon Bouyala, Apolline Dron, Jean-Eudes Durand, Antoine Maréchal. INNOVATION WEEK "The pionnier is not always the one who succeeds, but rather the one who is not scared of failing"
Bertrand Piccard

- 1980:Gossamar Penguin

-1983: Helios 1) History of solar aviation Goal: to reduce our dependency for fossil energies. 4) Our priority: the environment Our innovations:

- short term: using solar aviation to make advertising and film events broadcasted on TV.

- long term: using solar aviation to transport people. 2) How to make our dream come true? Solar Impulse III: your future is our challenge. 1) History of solar aviation 1974: Astroflight Sunrise

1979: Solar Riser 3) Solar Impulse III: more than a scientific challenge! 1999 History of solar aviation 1974
Astroflight Sunrise 1983: Helios 1979
Solar Riser 1980: Gossamar Penguin
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