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Handwriting Without Tears

SPED 4200

Maranda McGaha

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Handwriting Without Tears

Amy Hausler and Maranda McGaha Handwriting
Used for Pre-k through 5th grade
Award winning curriculum for teaching and improving handwriting
Materials, activities and workbooks for every stage of child development
More than 2 million students across the world use it
Multi-sensory approach that incorporates all of the senses and all types of learning
Students learn by actively doing
All students benefit, not just students with special needs
Sequenced by children's natural development
Now aligns with Common Core standards Video http://www.hwtears.com/hwt History • Jan Olsen, occupational therapist
• In 1977, Jan Olsen’s son, John, struggled with handwriting and often shed tears while writing in his first grade class
• Jan was able to develop strategies to facilitate his handwriting
• John’s teacher saw a significant improvement in his writing, and she asked Jan to help the other students in her class
• Tutoring solution for handwriting resulted in the basis for the first therapist’s guide, Handwriting Without Tears Teaches capitals letters first, then lowercase letters
Teaches print first, then cursive
All letters are taught in small groups of similar formation (C & D)
Youngest students start with wooden pieces- building letters
Mat Man, Wet, dry, try slate, and sing-a-long CD
Older students- workbooks with step by step instructions for how to form letters
Workbooks use child-friendly language
App available for iPad or Android Prices Peer-Reviewed Research How To Collect and Analyze Data Sources For Info Gathered Sources To Learn More Why It Works Multi-Sensory Lessons Stages of Learning Step-By-Step Models Different Types of Lined Paper Print Cursive Wooden letter pieces: $32 Workbooks: $9
Mat for wood pieces: $5 CD's: $14
Mat Man book set: $45 iPad app: $5
Slate Chalkboard: $5
Pencils for little hands- $11 for 144
Flip Crayons- $20 for 206
Draw and write notebook: $4
Digital teaching tools: $25
Also have free samples and free worksheets on website "Structured handwriting lessons lead to improved writing performance, academic success, and overall student self-esteem."
"When children practice printing by hand, their neural activity is far more enhanced and “adult-like.”
"Children who experience difficulty mastering handwriting may avoid writing and decide that they cannot write, leading to arrested writing development."
"Children consistently do better writing with a pen. They write more and they write faster.
Downloadable “Research Review” catalog that details why the program works so effectively and the research behind the strategies
Full page of references on website hwtears.com
Mrs. Deech- occupational therapist at Coal Mountain
“To make learning and teaching easy and fun by providing superior educational products, training, and materials to educators and parents.” Workbooks- teach children letter, word, and sentence skills

Student check their letters for correct start, steps, and bumping the lines

Words: size, placement, and closeness

Sentences: capitalization, word spacing, and punctuation http://www.hwtears.com
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