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Reflexive Pronouns

No description

Dillon Hammond

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns
When the verb's action is reflected back on the subject. When they're used, the subject and direct object of the sentence are the same.
Standard Form
Subject - verb - direct object.
1: She taught
how to play guitar.
2: We lost
in the rhythm.
What are they?
A quick review...
Always end in -self or -selves!
Intensive Pronouns
~ Same as reflexive pronouns, but with different
function and usage
~ Emphasizes the antecedent
~ Examples
looked at it

looked at it
The teacher

showed me the answer
Fill in the reflexive pronoun
He gave the gift to me ________.
The instructor ________ greeted me.
I returned the book to the library ________.
She accidentally cut ______ on a piece of glass.
I shook hands with the President ________.
Reflexive Pronouns
Works Cited
Mnemonic Device
The truth about pronouns:
I, you, he, she, it
myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, are reflexive singular
we, you all, and they
ourselves, yourselves, themselves
are reflexive plural
A reflexive noun used normally is a direct object, while an intensive noun can be pulled from the sentence without changing the meaning.
More Examples:
Reflexive Pronoun

More Examples:

Intensive Pronouns:

Reflexive Pronouns:
I sold it myself. I sold myself.
I punched him myself. I punched myself
He himself checked. He checked himself.
They ate it themselves. They ate themselves.
Dillon himself tripped. Dillon tripped himself.
She herself choked. She choked herself.
Wesley made it himself. Wesley made himself.
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