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Kelli Kushner Period 1

Kelli Kushner

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Pharmacy

Patients A-L Patients M-Z Pharmacists Kelli Kushner 1. get caught up with the last shift
and make sure everything is on track
2. take calls from doctors and nurses
who need advice
3. process and review all orders to
patients in the hospital
4. decide dosages for medication orders
given by doctors
5. respond to any emergencies that
require medication - making sure that drugs
are going to the right
place at the right time
- making sure that
medication is
appropriate for patient Average Salary Nationally - Hospitalist
- Cardiologist
- ER/Trauma Doctor
- Neurologist
- Pediatrician
- OB/GYN Pharm.D. f Education Daily Routine Challenges Raise your hand if you know someone in one of these professions... Mental/Emotional Effects Stressful due to...
- no room for errors
- moral and ethical responsibility
- necessary preparedness Top Schools
in California Top Schools
for Pharmacy University of California San Francisco University of North Carolina Chapel Hill University of Minnesota University of
Southern California University of California
San Diego Degrees and
Requirements Fellowship and Residency - Provides pharmacists with more specialized
training in fields such as...
biomedical research
community pharmacy practice
geriatrics pharmacology
- Lasts for 1-2 years
- Pharmacies, hospitals, etc.
- Training in general, clinical or specialty
pharmacy -Must pass...
North American
Pharmacists Licensure
Multistate Pharmacy
Jurisprudence Examination
- Both are administered by the
National Association of Boards of
Pharmacy $106,630 per year California $117,080 per year Job Growth Outlook 17% predicted increase from 2008-2018 Lifestyle - night and day jobs available
- can be an 'on call' pharmacist
- can become consumed by work
and don't really have time for
- sleep, eat, work Rewards - knowing that what
you do results in
patients receiving
medication to make
them better Physical Effects - No major physical effects besides general
fatigue depending on schedule Kelli's Sandwich
DO NOT EAT! You have 3
nnew messages El Fin Social Effects - Schedule often interferes with life outside of
work and can lead to missing out on your
social life
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