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Evaluation - Question Three

This is the third question for my evaluation.

Amrita Bhogal

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation - Question Three

Evaluation Question 3- What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why? I think that the institution that would benifit from the distribution of our thriller would be... Universal is a very large instituition which would mean they would be able to distribute our film to a larger audience. As Universal are a well known distribution company they would also attract a wider audience, which would mean that a larger profit could be obtained. Universal is a conglomerate, which means that they own many other companies, this would increase connections and make things cheaper and easier to accomplish. The production company would be Working Title. Universal is a conglomerate which means they own lots of different companies, including music records. This would help the production of the film, as different soudtracks could be used as backing tracks. The main reason i think that Universal would be the best distribution company for our thiller is because they have distributed thriller films before. Some of these include... Robin Hood Vampires Assistant Drag Me To Hell The Unborn
The Wolfman
All of these films have been distributed by the parent company Universal or one of its subsidiary companies including: Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Lionsgate, and Universal Pictures International. I think that Universal would be the best institution for our thriller, as their main target audience is the same as ours. Teenagers to young adults is who we aim our thriller to, therefore already having the same target audience would increase the amount of people who watch the film. In conclusion I feel that Universal is the best distribution company for our thriller mainly becuase it is part of a conglomerate, which would help the production, distribution, and exhibition of the film.
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