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Greek Values exemplified in the Myth Perseus

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Soham Kulkarni

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Greek Values exemplified in the Myth Perseus

Perseus and medusa
Hamilton, Edith, and Steele Savage. "Part Three Chapter One." Mythology. Boston: Little, Brown, 1942. 191-202. Print.

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Summary of the Myth

Perseus born to Zeus and Danae
Acrisius= grandfather locked Danae and Perseus in wooden chest and set afloat.
Arrived in Seriphos, Polydectes= king, fell in love with Danae
Polydectes wanted to marry Danae, so he wanted Perseus out of the picture. Sent Perseus to get head of gorgon Medusa.
Gods appear, give Perseus
Hermes- winged sandals, curved sword Hades- helm of Invisibility Athena- Reflective shield
By: Soham Kullkarni
Summary of the Myth Cont.
Perseus then traveled to the island where Medusa lived.
Used the shield to look at Medusa without being turned to stone, and thus slayed her as she slumbered.
Returning to Seriphos, he used the head of Medusa to turn Polydectes to stone, and as a result, freeing his mother.
Greek Values exemplified in the legend of Perseus
Axioprepia- It refers to a person's dignity. This is exemplified when Perseus slays the gorgon Medusa because he has accomplished a rigorous feat.
Ypohreosi- This value is a person's sense of obligation or duty to another person . This is shown in this myth when Perseus sets out on his journey to bring Medusa's head back to save his mother from King Polydectes.
Greek Values exemplified in the legend of Perseus Cont.
Filotimo- This value means the respect people have for themselves and others. This is exemplified when Perseus accepted the request of King Polydectes because he respected him, even though he meant to kill Perseus.
Another value that was expressed was the belief that the people acknowledged that their lives depended on the good will of the gods. This is shown when Hermes, Athena, and Hades appear and gift Perseus with all the tools he needed to succeed.
Why did the Greeks revere Perseus as a hero?
Saved his loved ones
This showed that the Greeks valued family.
Accomplished an impossible task
This shows that the Greeks revered diligence.
Encountered the gods and received gifts.
Showed that the Greeks believed that the gods would be involved with the lives on earth and would bless people.
Values exemplified in the artwork- Bravery, Compassion, Strength, Intelligence, Power
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