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Katalyst Music Productions

An informative glimpse into Katalyst Music Productions

Gideon Murray

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Katalyst Music Productions

we create audio and musical experiences that catalyses your ideas The modern day music industry is often filled with talent and impressive musical effects 1 a quality studio recording requires the good arrangement of your song COMPOSITION - STUDIO - RECORDING Are you intrigued by sound and music that
is both creatively and professionally produced? is an established and professional music production house based in the Boland To its
full potential Whether you need to record an album in a fully equipped studio Whether you need tailor-made music compositions Whether you need to have a presentation or lecture recorded we are ready to explore your sound and music ideas
by taking it THE NEXT LEVEL offers service types that addresses your
audio and music needs 1. studio recordings
2. music composition
3. presentation recordings You may know that we are bombarded by various media types the information age presentation recordings often leading to confusion and making it difficult to have proper
access to documentation Nowadays, the new media is playing an exciting role in the way we make sense of this chaos In stead of going through piles and piles of paper it's now possible to easily refer to neatly organised recordings If you have the need to professionally record meetings, conferences, lectures, workshops or any type of presentation We offer multimedia packages so you can have a better grip on these media Package 1 - Audio recording where we deliver to you a quality digital audio file of a presentation recorded with a lapel microphones Package 2 - Audio & slideshow recording where we deliver to you the official presentation slide show synchronised with the lapel recorded presentation Package 3 - Audio, slideshow & video recording where we deliver to you a audiovisual recording combined with the official presentation slide show for a full experience Move towards the efficient content management of your:

Suitable for the corporate and tertiary market, you know have an affordable opportunity to shift from the mere written means of documentation to a complete multimedia experience. Efficient content management 3 when music Music composition Making a good score requires a specialist that is experienced in the composition of unique musical productions within various genres. This is where a good music composer comes in provokes emotion captures memories evokes but most importantly it tells a story collaborates with people in the film, media and corporate environments to tell stories through tailored music We are experienced in composing music in a broad range of genres we build strong relationships with our clients Bring emotions into your message or story. Whether you need to bring about tension, inspiration or a sense of up-beat coolness, let Katalyst Music Productions compose tailor-made music for your needs. Join forces with a company that prides itself in maintaining ethical standards. Consult us Studio recordings 2 You might ask yourself: what does it take to produce a quality studio recording like this? st nd takes your music production from start to finish in a relaxed recording studio we are experienced in We ensure excellent musicality and the high-quality arrangement of your production Music Production We mix, balance and harmonise your song to perfection. Music Engineering Whether you are part of a band, a solo artist, voice over artist, or part of a production company we make sure you have the magic mix of ... A magic mix of instruments Offers recording packages that will help you better organise your presentations in these formats 3 * ! + picture work together the impact of stories are much more effective We tailor music scores for the following kind of media: Documentaries Motion pictures Advertisements Television Jingles or any media that requires symbioses between music and picture a quality studio recording requires craftsmanship, expertise and top-notch equipment guitars strings drums and ... that compliments your song and style VOCALS Big or small production, we take your talent to a no.1 hit on the radio All-inclusive professionalism in an informal studio ...tugged between the Boland mountains Come and enjoy a coffee whilst recording your album, voice over or demo Or while we are producing surround mixing 5.1 for your film - meetings
- lectures
- or conferences
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