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Black Ops 2 Zombies

No description

Dominic Tuori

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Black Ops 2 Zombies

Zombie Maps Town Farm Tranzit Nuketown Die Rise Mob of the Dead Diner Black Ops 2 Zombies By: Dominic Tuori Misty, Russman, Marlton, ans Samuel are charaters in Tranzit
and Die Rise. Finn O'Leary, Albert Arlington, Salvatore "Sal" DeLuca, and Billy Handsome are brand new characters in Mob of the Dead. Salvatore "Sal" DeLuca Albert Arlington Cia and CDC are the last characters in Black Ops 2. They are in survival and greif. CDC CIA Zombie Game Modes Tranzit, Die Rise, Mob of the Dead, Survival,Greif, and Turned are zombie game modes. Greif is a 4 vs 4 vs zombies. There are two teams that battle each other to live. Survival is a 4 player game mode where 4 people are on a team and have to survive aslong as they can. Turned is where you can be a zombie and you have to be a human as long as you can and if you get turned into a zombie you have to triy to get the human. Die Rise is where you have to survive as long as you can in broken sky scrapers. Mob of the Dead is where you have to survive as long as you can in a prision. Tranzit is where you have to go to every map there is (other than Nuketown, Die Rise,and Mob of the Dead) and survive as long as you can. Black Ops 2 Wonder Weapon A wonder weapon is a special weapon that is a fake weapon that is very strong. Blunder Gat Jet Gun Sliquifier Black Ops 2 Perks Perks are things that help you in a way . 1. Juggernaunt - helps you get stronger and makes the zombies hit you more.
2. Speed Cola- this helps you reload faster.
3.Quick Revive- helps you revive a teammate that is hurt faster.
4.Stamin Up- helps you sprint longer.
5.Double tap- helps you shoot faster.
6.Tombstone- helps you keep your gnns and perks (not tombstone) when you go down.
7. Whos Who- helps you keep your perks and gun ,like tombstone, except you have to revive yourself.
8. Electric Cherry- this makes a electric barrier around you when you reload. Black Ops 2 Zombie Developers Treyarch is the developers of Black Ops 2 zombies. They have made other games created with zombie modes in it. Sources 1. callofduty.com
2. wiki.answers.com
3. thefreedictionary.com
4. dictionary.reference.com Thanks for watching!! Black Ops 2 Zombie Guns My Favorite Guns
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