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The Brigidine Sisters Abby and Alex

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of The Brigidine Sisters Abby and Alex

Who founded this order and why?
In 1770, a young man called Daniel Delany became a priest. He wanted to do something to educate young children in Ireland so in 1807 Daniel got together with 6 women from his home town and formed a religious group called the sisters of St.Brigid.
The Brigidine Sisters originated in Ireland and evenually came to Australia in 1883. Daniel Delany originated this group in a small town in Ireland called Tullow.
Where did this order originate from?

The Brigidine sisters help people all around the world ranging from young children to adult . These sisters influence people in the religious ways and teach those who need it. Their mission goes around 12 schools in Australia and they also help school all around the world including places like Ireland, The U.K, U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Zambia, China and Papua New Guinea
what influence did this order have on catholic schools?
The Brigidine Sisters mission was to educate children in their religious ways. Daniel Delany wanted to introduce Sunday school for young kids whilst mass was being held. The sisters also educate people who are homeless and illiterate .
What is their religious mission?
Daniel Delany became a priest and formed the religious group called the sisters of St.Brigid. Many offers got turned down for schools but the ladies still kept the group together. Now there are over 100's of sisters because Daniel Delany kept the faith alive.
How does this religious order live in the gospel values.
Brigidine College Indooroopilly, QLD
Brigidine College St Ives, NSW
Clonard College Geelong, VIC
Marian College Ararat, VIC
Kilbreda College Mentone, VIC
Killester College Springvale, VIC
St Josephs College Echuca, VIC
Kildare College Adelaide, SA

Some schools that have the Brigidine sisters in their cirriculum!
Thankyou For Watching!
The Brigidine Sisters!
By Abby and Alexandra
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