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Forensic Psychology

No description

Grace Massarelli

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Forensic Psychology

The Lindbergh Kidnapping
Problems with Expert Witnesses
James McKeen Cattell – Studied the psychology of testimony.
William Stern – Researched the accuracy of expert testimony.
William Marston – Testified at the trial that established the standard for expert witnesses.

The History behind Forensic Psychology

Scheck became an honored forensic expert who used scientific evidence to defend suspects after his 1987 case, in which he defended Hedda Nussbaum. Ultimiatley getting her declared innocent in the death of her adopted child. Scheck pleaded that the woman suffered from an abusive relationship with Joel Steinberg, convincing the jurors that she had become a psychological victim of spousal abuse.
Scheck later joined forces with Peter Neufeld. Both interested in forensic psychology, they were the first lawyers to successfully use the "battered woman's syndrome" as a defense against murder.
"Battered woman's syndrome"
Eye Witnesses vs. Forensic Expert
Competency evaluations
Sentencing recommendations
Evaluations of the risk of reoffending
Testimony as an expert witness
Child custody evaluations

Forensic Psychologists typically perform:
What is Forensic Psychology?
Eye Witness Testimonies vs Forensic Expert Testimonies
Cases using Forensic Phsychology
Forensic Psychology is the 'intersection' between psychology and the criminal justice system. Most often forensic psychology is seen thru an expert witness in a trial.
Frye v US, established the precedent for the use of expert witnesses in courts
In 1932 Charles Lindbergh's son was kidnapped from his nursery.
How was Forensic Psychology used to find Bruno Hauptmann?
Testimony from experts in handwriting analysis confirmed the handwriting from the ransom note came from Hauptmann's handwriting. Forensic Analysis also looked into the wooden ladder used to climb the house to the child's nursery. The analysis determined that the wood used to build the ladder was the same wood discovered in Hauptmann's attic.
Eyewitness identification is frequently inaccurate. In cases with wrongful convictions Judges and juries had relied on testimony that could have been more accurate if the information had been proven by scientific information.
Forensic Psychology
Grace Massarelli 2B
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