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P6-demonstrate how government policies are developed

No description

Aidan Baird

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of P6-demonstrate how government policies are developed

Stages of policy developement
Government policies are developed and established through eight stages these eight stages consist of the consultation stage, the first reading, the second reading, the committee stage, the report stage, the third reading, the Lords stage and then the Royal assent.
How Governemt policies are developed
The first stage of policy development is consultation, this means government members make a draft of the bill and then ask senior officials to make comments. This is to develop the policy so that is betters the Country as a hole more than other wise. its title is then read aloud in the house of Commons to allow for people to know of it's existence. So that they can then read it to see whether or not they agree with it.
Then there is the third and last reading of the nearly completed policy to the House of Commons before it goes to the House of Lords if it receives enough votes. Once the the bill is passed on to the House of Lords it then follows "similar" stages to in the House of Commons such as all three readings a single committee stage and a report stage. And if amendments are made the policy is passed back to the House of commons and then sent back and fourth until a decision is made on whether or not the policy is given mutual consent.
P6-demonstrate how government policies are developed
Then comes the committee stage that requires a smaller amount of Members of Pariliment that closely scrutinise the bill in order to make eventual amendments to the bill. Hopefully for the better of the general public. after the committee stage there is a report stage that highlights the possible amendments to the house of commons and then allows them to vote on whether or not they agree.
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