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TEWWG Presentation+Video Project!

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Princessa Elf

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of TEWWG Presentation+Video Project!

Hurston presents Janie, an African American woman living in the 19th century who came from nothing and had no place in the world, as becoming a strong willed women. She uses Janie to emphasize that all people, even those who have nothing, are capable of achieving their own identity. Tea Cake is threatened and is forced to bury bodies.
White bodies get a proper burial
Black bodies were dumped on top of each other Racism in Their Eyes were Watching God Racism in America Sexism in America Riots against Obama are common and were at its peak during the time of Obama's Re-election. His presidency was welcomed by people who supported him for presidency, but others who had wished for Romney to win, or were just racist, were so angered that they hosted riots and started demanding Obama to be impeached even before he officially took office. Strong Willed presented to you by:
Parmis Taidy
Rachel Ekstrom
Nathalie Preciado
Arely Leon
Jennifer Valadez Phoenix Fire Flying NINJAS presents:
Janie's Journey Progress Takeoff Janie's First Steps to Finding Herself Janie lived with her grandmother, Nanny, and grew up with the Washburns, a white family. Janie did not know that she was not white until she saw the Washburn family photo and realized. Her grandmother forced her in an arranged marriage to a man named Logan, she had no freedom of choice. She could not act on her own will. Even though she thought love would come after marriage, it never did. The first time she acted according to her own desire was when she left Logan, who threatened to kill her after they had a fight, and ran away with Joe Starks. Janie's Character: Dependent Reliant on people in her life. Husband: Safety dependent (Parmis) Her grandmother forced Janie into an arranged marriage because she herself was getting too old to protect her from "dangers". Grandmother: Safety + Dependent on her to make her life decisions for her. Still strong in different parts of the US
I witnessed a group of white people rioting against Obama out of anger of his re-election
Crowd of 400 college students riot the day of Obama's re-election. Janie's Independence "Anyhow, she wasn't going back to Eatonville to be laughed at and pitied. She had ten dollars in her pocket and twelve hundred in the bank."(pg.120) The greatest achievement that Janie has accomplished, as she becomes a woman, is building courage to accept the new character she is steadily becoming. Janie's Independence Irresolute Janie showed that she was strong willed very early in the book. "It was the meanest moment of eternity. A minute before she was just a sacred human being fighting for it's life. Now she was her sacrificing self with Tea Cake's head in her lap. She had wanted him to live so much and he was dead."(pg.184) Made the Decision for her to marry Logan. Idea 1 Racism meanest moment: she didn't want to kill him but knew she had to because of his sickness
"wanted him to live so much": she loved Tea Cake
even though she had fallen in love with him, he was threatening her life and she knew she had to kill him in order for her to live Excerpts " S'posin' Ah waz to run off and leave yuh sometime" (pg 30 ) Janie wanted to trust Tea Cake; she wanted to think that he really didn't want her for her money
kept extra money in the bank just in case things didn't work out with Tea Cake
she shows how she is not relying on Tea Cake to take care of her
she had enough money to leave him and go off on her own Janie tells jody she is going to leave him "She knew that God tore down the old world everything, and built a new one up by sun-up."(85) Giving herself the opportunity to be successful was a challenge its self. After her husband Jody, dies, Janie realizes that she never needed a man to be successful. It was difficult to realize this since, for her whole life, she was taught that she would have to rely on men and that she would never be able to make anything of herself without one. Breaking out of a tradition, like the one that she has been raised to believe, has helped her get as far as she has on her journey of life. "He wanted her submission and he'd keep on fighting until he felt he had it."(71) Finding Tea Cake EVOLUTION "Ah'm ole now. Ah can't always be guidin' yo' feet from harm and danger. Ah wants to see you married right away." "Tain't Logan Killicks Ah wants you to have, baby, it's protection" -Janie's Grandmother -Janie's Grandmother JANIE'S
JOURNEY (JENNY) (ARELY) (ARELY) (JENNY) She does NOT act on her WILL Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. Sexism Discrimination or devaluation based on a person's sex, as in restricted job opportunities; especially, such discrimination directed against women. Janie is not fond of her grandmother's decision for her to marry Logan. Sexism in Their Eyes Were Watching God "Naw, Nanny, no ma'am! Is dat whut he been hangin' round here for? He look like some ole' skullhead in de grave yard" (20). "Naw, Nanny, no ma'am! Is dat whut he been hangin' round here for? He look like some ole' skullhead in de grave yard" (20). Janie not yet realized
her id Janie who fully
found herself CONCLUSION Mostly seen in businesses or jobs that are said to be the work that only men can do.
"Go tell your woman to go to the kitchen and make us some sandwiches." In society, Janie was:
constantly being judged
told that she should feel lucky to have a man
With her husband she was:
Always given orders to stay at the house and watch the shop.
Was never allowed to go to any parties or gatherings
often beat if she didn't do something right full story; http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/08/2-arrested-as-anti-obama-protests-escalate-at-ole-miss/ Connection between Their Eyes were Watching God and Real life regarding Racism and Sexism Both Janie and women in present time have chosen to do what they want and have realized that nobody can force them to live their life in anyway but their own way.
People don't let others' words bring them down. "She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans." -unknown author Women weren't seen as people they had no power or authority
Women could not defend themselves
Know as 3/5 of a person Strong Willed " Before she slept that night she burnt up everyone of her head rags and went about the house the next morning with her hair in one thick braid swinging well below her waist" (pg 89) Thesis " that night she burnt up everyone of her head rags" - She takes the last strand of identity from Jody
Disobeys him
Breaks out of her shell "Youse powerful independent" Logan tells her how she is always making her self superior to everyone else
Grew up with white folks
Nanny always looked out for her Table of Contents Thesis.......................................... "It's about time. Youse powerful independent around here sometime considerin" (pg 30) Strong Willed Table of Contents slide 3- Thesis (Jenny)
slide 4-5-Sexism and Racism in TEWWG
slide 6- Definition of sexism and racism
slide 7-8- examples of present day sexism and racism
slide 9- connection between TEWWG and present day
slide 10- Janie starts her journey to find who she is (Parmis)
slide 11- Janie decides to take a chance
slide 12-16- Who Janie really is
slide 17-18- Evolution (Jenny)
slide 19-21- Strong willed Janie (Nathalie)
slide 22-23- Janie's Independence(Arely)
slide 24- Conclusion (Rachel) - Also note: She said "Ah" wants to see you get married "right away". (No choice for Janie!) "Naw, Nanny, no ma'am! Is dat whut he been hangin' round here for? He look like some ole' skullhead in de grave yard" (20).
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