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Chris Webby

My life love<3 Creepy, right?

Samantha Horton

on 21 May 2011

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Transcript of Chris Webby

Chris Webby La la live La la la We lightin ganja ganja, every day we burn dutchies

And then we stay around more trees than Fern Gully

I earn money, spend on weed, and burn money

Got the dice in my hand, can't take my turn from me

I rip like a beast when I hit the beats

But it's just weed when they say I'm equipped with heat, please

Shit's leaving you in disbelief

I'm that monster at your door, bitch, trick-or-treat

The way I freestyle, shit, it really baffles me

Cause I'm a pot head, call me Johnny Appleseed

I got a dub and a dutch, let's roll and spark

Til we start to see shit like Joan of Arc

I know I'm smart, I know I'm nice

That's why you can't see me like a poltergeist

Smokin la la la, give that bowl a light

Grab the bong even tighter than I hold the mic, like

[Chorus] It's another one of them smoking songs, ya know what I'm saying?

Where my pot heads at?

Right here aha, yeah, yeah, CT, check it

We rollin trees and smokin la la la la la

Another weed song from me

Burning more trees than Cheech Chong

Red and Meth or roll together in the same L

We smoke blunts all day you can't tell? Hell

I'm stompin in with my boots on

Rollin to the diner with my half off coupon

Fuck, I been burnin since I was newborn

So high flying through space with Jimmy Neutron

That's how I do mon, rock the rhythm

You would think I had a mother fucking pot prescription

Like the doctor's flippin

My grass stay fresh cut, sticky icky wet stuff, put it in the next dutch

But last time I had a checkup, the doc said my brain was not fully developed

Fuck, but it just don't matter, I'ma half to roll the next blunt fatter hah [Chorus]

La la la la la

Just break it up and smoke that la la la la la

Now twist it up and smoke that la la la la la

Now light it up and smoke that la la la la la

And then you keep on burnin The way this weed hit your chest should invest in Kevlar

Chillin on Saturn, cruisin in the XR

Everyday I got the best bars

And the best weed same color as Reptar

Yes, we stay lightin up the purple

In my own entourage smoking like Turtle

Fuck all the commercials, they all straight lies

Actin like I'm gonna kill a mother fucker cause I'm high

The most I'm likely to do is open the fridge, chill on the couch, and never end up leaving my crib, shit

But that's just how I do

Stay high, seeing from my birds eye view

I walk into a room and everybody starts sniffin

"Like, oh my God, I can guarantee that's Christian,"

"It's nine in the morning yo what the fuck's with him?"

And I'm like, "Chill! I've got a weed addiction like."

[Chorus] Listen to this guy!
I can't beleive he's not signed yet... He even spits nice live. La La Lyrics My Personal Favorite Raising The Bar Yeah anytime I step I blaze it thoroughly
No one seeing me i need corrective laser surgery
Check my date of birth you see Webby's only 21
Hotter then the summer bitch you know I got it covered son
Get it done when I get up on a beat and I tear it up
Cause all I got in this world is my word and a pair of nuts
Bring em in ill air em out hustling like escebar
With lyrics sharper then the claws retracted in a leopards paw
Check my repretuar cause I been grinding for a minute
Heh, and even the haters admitted I can spit it
This rapping is a sport to me
Break it down importantly
Whiter then a kilo bitch I'm bringing Boston George with me
Rambling answering the hate and spitting gorgeously
cant handle him I'm Aniken
And yes I got the force with me
Torture be have them all asking where the chorus be
Bitch I'm good money and nobody affording me
Playing my cards right whiter then a Marb lite
Voice raspier then christian bale in the dark knight
I got my competition saying our fathers
And every fucking hater running scared like Paul walker
I don't fire deadly shots
Never with a semi cocked
Just light up heavy pot and spit venom call me eddy Brock
Webby drops, whether you ready or not heavy metal or pop
So steadily I'll get to the top
Clever as ever so watch the bass and treble will not
So fucking loud its like getting hit in the head with a rock
I leave em dead or in shock
When I spit I'm a rap rebel
With my size 10 Jordan on the fucking gas pedal

Grab the mic and I go
Aint nobody messing with the rhythm I flow
Need that dough
Tic tac toe
Break motherfuckers like a kit-kat bro
Hit that dro pass that back
Laying low 20 sack
Then I roll it up and hit it till that's ash
Then my drug dealer gonna get a call back back
On a track accurate that's the reason I'm so relaxed when I rap
Cause the facts are the facts and the fact of it is
Next to em nobody spit this rap
Bring it back
Crowd packed
Dog I'm ripping more beats
Carrying the game just like a baby in the storks beak

I'm serving my competition like roddic
I'm doctor robotic it with knuckles in my pocket
Toxic so fucking dirty you should wash it
Got this hot shit Lebron couldn't block it
Spitting it with flavor
Ripping wisdom on the paper
Bitch i get the block popping
Just like tiger was my neighbor
Precision like a laser no one playing with this
Cause this rap second nature like inhaling a spliff
I just throw together words and i rip shit ill
No one ever done like christian will
Spit with skills bitch this real
Brain slow down on proscription pills
Need a deal damn straight make the fucking land shake
Ari go looking for me since he seen the fan base
Youtube numbers up Facebook yeah whats up
All you do is Google me and haters keep they mouth shut
Now what like a deer hunter all about bucks
If your trying to burn with me you'll need at least an ounce plus
Its in my nature i guess
I'm fucking meant for this
Aint no type of censorship equipped for all my sentences
The booth is like my octagon you don't wanna enter this
I'm Anderson silver so step in here your getting leveled quick

Popping stars and ill be raving until I'm sober
I'm not afraid of shit I'm as brave as the little toaster
Cocaine and some baking soda
I'm crack next up to bat
Griffy junior to these losers
No ones fucking with the stats
Pupils fat and got a bag of molly in the pocket
I'm like pikachu shoving a metal fork into a socket
I'm electric stylorectic all these haters try to mock
It but spit so fucking flawless they cant help it but to jock
It son i rock it and now they all blogging about the hotness
Datpiff hot this week with a million comments
The big new thing read about me in the comics
Under high and low its rhyme and potent lyrics better watch it
Now I'm back and i rip it up and spit it so nice
Aint nobody messing with a poltergeist
Skin tone white
Taking flight
So far ahead that I'm out of site
hat I'm down to fight
Rip it on a mic
There never been a night where my pen don't write
There never been a night that i don't rap nice
When I'm on the right weed and rolled up tight
Hold that mic get it in
Who could ever mess with him
Said go get some levaquin
The medicine you get it then
Show them I'm never settling
Fucking paper shredder em
You wanna step your chances are looking extra slim
Grinding every day reaching the top
And I'm only a step away you don't believe me watch
I'm a beast on the mic
There's nobody left to help you
Cause bitch I'm nice
How many times i gotta tell you?

Damn man,fuck these haters,I'm out,ha.
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