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Copy of the red wolf

by Jarod DeShong

jarod deshong

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of the red wolf

by Jarod DeShong The Red Wolf Red wolves live all over North America and in North Carolina. and the biome they live in is the deciduous forest . Where do red wolves live? They are carnivores which means they
eat other animals for food. they consume are mice, moose, elk, deer, and other small rodents.
What type of consumers are they?
What does it consume. Some adaptations of the red wolves are rapidly, and they have thick foot pads on the bottoms of there feet for when its hot or cold on the ground. ADAPTATIONS 1. The red wolf catches mice and just starts playing with it.
2. The red wolves used to be extinct in 1973 through 1980 but
finally came back.
3. They travel up to twenty miles a day in search for food.
Well that is what i learned about the red wolf. FUN FACTS!! Biotic and a biotic parts for the red wolf Some a biotic parts are are the water and rainfall
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