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Hibernia is a an oil drilling and processing platform located in Canada, specifically in Newfoundland and Labrodor.

Nimra Mazhar

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Hibernia

Double click anywhere & add an idea HIBERNIA Development of Hibernia Location of Hibernia Hibernia was discovered by Chevron in Nov 17,1979 but they started producing oil in June of 1980 . Hibernia was found because Newfoundland & Labrodor needed more business and the people were losing alot of jobs. So then Chevron decided to carry their business with Hibernia because they estimated that Hibernia could contain 2 billion barrels of crude oil which can make alot of profit.The development of Hibernia involoves a considerable amount of drilling services. Hibernia is loacted offshore of Newfoundland, 315 km 200 miles southeast of Saint John. The location is called Jeanne d'Arc Basin. Introduction Hibernia is an oil-field which the world largest platform and consists 37,000 tones of oil.It is the worlds biggest and most expensive production rigs. ADVANTAGES Hibernia is making major conrtibution to nfld econmy
Hibernia expenditure is producing totalled $299 million and 191 million were made in Nfld
Average weekly incomes are 0.9% higher then they were before.
Interests, dividends and miscellaneous investments are 9 million higher. Disadvantages Its a small local market distanced from major metropolitan markets.
High transporation cost have limited the development manufacture
Hibernia is exiting holder of poiltical office
the traditional fishing ecomny has long disappeared Stakeholders Petro canada It is the lead player in creating offshore develpoment on the hibernia field Exxon Mobile It is the second largest publicly traded company. It trades oil of hibernia bewteen other countries Chevron Rescource Chevron is one of the world largest leading energy company, it drilled the first hole in huge offshore field Canada Hibernia holding corporation It is a source of federal government which invest and manage Canada's workers Hibernia is an oil field which is located in Canada.Hibernia is world's largest plat form and consists 37,000 tones of oil. It's also world's most biggest and most expensive production in rigs. Hibernia is one of five super modules. THE END! :) :)
BY AYA J. & Nimra M.
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