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Building up your TC with Effective Feedback

No description

Robert Morse

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Building up your TC with Effective Feedback

Building up your TC with Effective Feedback
Presented by Robert Morse

Real Examples of PR Evidence
She needs experience presenting info to students.

Transferring knowledge to other subject areas and pacing.

TC is struggling with delivering consequences for inappropriate student behavior.

_____ has been teaching whole group and small group reading and writing.

Turn and Talk
What are some criteria for providing quality evidence?

Why is providing evidence a critical component of supporting your teacher candidate?
Next Steps
(Criteria for Site Coordinators)
Provide clear actions the TC can take in future lessons
Aligned to the descriptor level
Will support Proficiency in the Indicator
May guide to additional resources

Collecting Evidence
(criteria for Site Coordinators)
Is more than a restatement of the rubric
Includes at least 3 non-subjective examples
Is aligned to a TAP Indicator
Is connected at the descriptor level
Refinement evidence “Not Observed” is notated

Session Objective
By the end of this session participants will be able to identify criteria for providing teacher candidates with high quality evidence and next steps, when completing progress reports.
Better Examples of Evidence
______presented information by modeling, referred to previous contextual problems, and promoted collaborative discussion. His instruction was informative, but presented too fast. At times his vocabulary was incorrect, such as constant and coefficient.

______is using many strategies to model language for children and advance their language skills.

Feedback is frequent but not always academically focused. Example: student pushing begining, middle, endsound in sounds boards...upon completion "nice job"

When you asked ____ to follow directions at circle time you repeated your request 30 seconds after giving the first request. You did send him to the blue chair when he did not comply with your request.

Real Examples of Next Steps from Progress Reports
She did a great job managing behavior, but there were a few kids the 1st hour that were off task.

I have not received any lesson plans.

Students are zoning out when instruction is occurring.

____ still does not know the names of every student in the class.

Managing time.
What are the characteristics of quality next steps?

Why is it important to provide next steps to support a refinement and reinforcement?
Better Examples of Next Steps
Although ____ has already begun to reinforce students for their behavior, I would like to see her make her reinforcement statements more specific. Instead of saying good job, perhaps saying I like the way you used your multiplication skills and persevered through that math problem.

Increase the amount of "wait time" after giving directions or presenting information. Also, slow down when speaking or giving student new information.

Make sure to watch what is happening all over the room. The first 5 minutes are so important in setting the tone.

____ needs to study the standards and objectives for 2nd grade.
"They don't know what they don't know."
-Robert Morse
Let's Practice!
Read the refinement and evidence at your table.
Discuss how you would support this TC.
Identify clear next steps for this TC.
Be ready to share with the group.
Exit Ticket...
3 things you learned

2 things you can build on

1 thing you still have a question about
An example...
Teacher Content Knowledge

Incorrect use of math terminology during math lesson.
Stated the words "tens" and "hundreds" when referring to "tenths" and "hundredths" during decimal lesson on Tuesday.

On Thursday during the math review, TC pointed at a hexagon and called it a "stop sign."
During that same review, the TC referred to a trapezoid as a "trapeze."

Next Steps:
Before each lesson, identify the math terminology that you will be using with the students.
Review the math terminology with me in the morning.
Make notes on your lesson plans as a reminder of the correct terminology to use in class.

Today's Agenda...
Recording Evidence
Identifying Next Steps
Exit Ticket
5 Research-Based Tips for Providing Students with Meaningful Feedback
1. Be as Specific as Possible
2. The Sooner the Better
3. Address the Learner's Advancement Toward the Goal
4. Present Feedback Carefully
5. Involve Learners in the Process
"unconscious incompetent"
-Four Stages for Learning Any New Skill-Gordon Training International
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