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Michael 'Burnie' Burns

No description

mikeal payant

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Michael 'Burnie' Burns

Michael 'Burnie' Burns
Family History
Burnies father was a physics professor who worked on the Desertron Super Collider. Burnie had two kids with his ex-wife Jordan, and gets his kids to participate in his work whenever he can.
Ever Since Burnie Began attending the University of Texas in Austin his passion for film making when earning his bachelors degree in Computer Sciences. Burnie continued his passion through the founding of Rooster Teeth.
Burnie often says that he doesnt work, the way he views his work was that he is just playing around with his friends because he was able to make money from what he was passionate about.
Impact on Community
The community of gaming is a large but tightly knit community so when the company was founded with a big part of the company focused on making videos based on these games the community reacted in a big way, when the videos became popular the money followed with advertisements and more. A lot of people now make videos for a living in the gaming community. The community changed because the industry moved more towards video content. Roosterteeth was one of the things that sparked that change
Personal Thoughts

The impact the Company has had on the industry has been massive and has created a lot of jobs, so i believe they have had a very positive effect on the gaming industry because of the opportunities.
Why is he successful?
Burnie has quite the list of projects and achievements
1.Red vs Blue - A popular internet series with three Machinima Film Festival awards for best picture, best writing and best independant Machinima film.
2.Halo 3 & 4 -Had a cameo appearance in two of the top ten best games for day one sales in videogaming history.
3.Sneak peek -Longest running student television show in the world.
About Michael 'Burnie' Burns
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Entrepreneurial Characteristics
Burnie is a film maker and entrepreneur. On April 1st, 2003 he and his friends/roomates founded the company known as Rooster Teeth, which has become a widely known entertainment company. Burnie has become widely known in the videogame industry and has won many awards. Burnie was born January 18, 1973. Burnie is very passionate about film making and his company.
Burnie is a very successful person because the film, shorts, and videos produced by the company are funny, entertaining and informative, which is important because you need to draw viewers in.
Burnie is motivated in a way that he saw something he wanted and he went for it and he is creative because he was one of the first people to put videos of a game in entertaining manner, and made a career out of that.
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