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National Student Survey 2013 - How Cardiff University Students' Union can help promote it!

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Student Voice

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of National Student Survey 2013 - How Cardiff University Students' Union can help promote it!

How we can help promote it! Last year...

- Cardiff University came joint 2nd for student response rate
- The Students' Union was ranked 5th in UK

Next year...

- We want to come 1st for student response rate
- The Students' Union will be ranked 1st in the UK!

This is how the SU we will help achieve this... What have we done in the past? Student Reps: Were asked to do lecture shoutouts- partly successful
Members of staff: Advertised it in schools – fairly successful
SU: Posters and banners - very visible
You said, we did campaigns: Good to show just how important student voice is, what impact it could have. Incentives vs no incentives? – getting the balance.

Student Academic Reps - We'll ask reps to encourage their cohort to fill in the surveys through lecture shout outs stalls in Schools.

Trickle campaign on social media.

Speak week

Student Academic Rep Conference

Competition between Schools through a website tracker. What can we do this year? Student media - Gair Rhydd, Xpress

'You said, we did' campaigns

Get NSS logo everywhere- Taf Screens, Posters etc.

Societies, sports & Student Academic Rep newsletters

Video Competition to promote the NSS between Sports Clubs and Societies, with a prize for the best one!

Lecture shout outs from Beth & Bethan (if you would like us to come to your School, please email studentreps@cardiff.ac.uk) Anything else? This will hopefully result in us coming 1st for response rates and ensuring students know exactly what they're filling in and what difference it will make to Cardiff studentreps@cardiff.ac.uk
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