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Circus Maximus

No description

Leah Fuller

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Circus Maximus

Roman Hippodrome Circus Maximus Construction Significance of Structure Conclusion 621 Meters Long 118 Meters Across.
Built into Marcia Valley.
Layered seating with wooden seats for slaves at the top and podiums for the wealthy.
On the outside of Hippodrome, much like at stadiums, food was sold from venders.
The horses would enter from twelve gates at the beginning, race to a place 550 meters and then turn around.

Reasons Built Hippodromes were built for chariot racing.
The Circus Maximus was built for a celebration of the Etruscan victory over Latins.
It was originally built by Tarquinius Priscus and then rebuilt by Tarquinius Superbus.
Brought people together to watch competition.
-People chose there favorite teams and racers.
The architecture added to history.
-Built large structures to house there large population. The circus maximus is not actually standing today. It is a large field used for concerts and other recreation. Ancient architecture demonstrates the importance of history and learning from the past. Without mistakes and the lessons learned from the mistakes, the present and future would be in ruins.
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