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Functions of Left and Right Brain

No description

White Chocolate

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Functions of Left and Right Brain

How Things Work - The Physics Of Everyday Life Chong Yih Lin - 10B3032
Lim Pei Jin - 10B3078 Brain is divided
into TWO hemispheres! Are you a Left Brain-er or Right Brain-er? Functions of Left and Right Brain -Weighs about 3 pounds.
-Estimated 100 billion cells; mostly NEURONS. A cell specialized to transmit electrical nerve impulses and carry information from one part of the body to another. Left Hand - Right Brain

Right Hand - Left Brain Brain Brain have 3 main parts:
Brain Stem The End GAME TIME.! Clasp both of your hands together Left thumb under the right thumb, then you are left brain dominant user. Right thumb under the left thumb, then you are right brain dominant user. Which thumb is under which? Lian Jian Win - 10B3075
Lim Kok Li - 10B3077 Part 1 Part 2 Fold your arms in front of your chest Which arm is above which? Right arm above your left arm, then you are left brain-user Left arm above your right arm, then you are right brain-user Result Right, Left - Full consideration, traditional, and indirect type
Right, Right - Like the challenge and do not like the pleasantries
Left, Left - Highly dedicated, cold, and perfectionist
Left, Right - Like to care about others, and the type of leader
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