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Why Should Teachers Blog?

A presentation for the PLANE festival of learning

Henrietta Miller

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Why Should Teachers Blog?

Discover the world of teacher bloggers and change your life. Why Teachers should blog My blog is a personal record of my learning and growth as a teacher and a learner A blog as a reflective journal My blog contains a record of my presentations A blog as an archive I like to share, to give back and pay it forward A blog as a resource Writing a class blog helps students view you as a writer and learner too Blogging to learn Often ideas swim around in my head not really making sense I find writing a post clears my head and helps sort my thinking A blog as a record of resources Pre-service teachers are blogging to store assignments New Scheme teachers are using blogs as a portfolio Reading other teacher's blogs helps you learn and connect Class blogs can showcase the classroom You must write for yourself first
Read other teacher's blogs too
Don't expect readers, they are a bonus
Don't expect comments, they are a bonus
Write regularly but not if you have nothing to say
Don't force a blog post
Watch what you say, you never know who might be reading it
Learn to use twitter hashtags #edublog, #ozedchat Henrietta Miller
Year 6 teacher and blogger A blog to share and record staff PD sessions
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