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No description

Amanda Surges

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Mockingjay

By: Suzanne Collins Mockingjay The Beginning Her New Life Fake Memories Good and Bad News Going to War A Shocking Twist Starting Over - Again Mockingjay starts with Katniss observing the ruins of District 12,
while trying to cope with her feelings of responsibility and sorrow,
towards the firebombing that happened at the end of Catching Fire.
Peeta is still a prisoner in the Capitol, and his whole family was killed
in the bombing. Katniss is also struggling with trying to decide between
Peeta- the boy with the bread- and Gale, her hunting partner and best friend. Katniss then takes on her new life with the rebels, in the underground, District 13. When Peeta makes an appearance on a Capitol broadcast, Katniss sees that he's being used. So, she strikes a deal with the President of District 13- President Alma Coin. The deal was that Katniss would become The Mockingjay- the symbol of the rebellion for the rebels. But, in exchange for this, she demands immunity for all of the Hunger Games victors, and the chance to assassinate President Snow herself. Now, District 13 and all of the other districts, are preparing to go to war with the Capitol. Soon Peeta and the other victors are rescued from the Capitol, but Peeta's
wonderful memories of Katniss have been messed with, and now he hates her. He has trouble finding memories that aren't true. He's also confused with the memories that the Capitol didn't mess with. President Snow showed him no mercy, and now he's really messed up and out of control. District 13 specialists are trying to get him back to the old, regular Peeta, but they fear he will never go back to normal. His hate for Katniss is strong enough to kill. Katniss is assigned to Troop 451, where she, Finnick, Boggs, an Avox
named Pollux, his brother Castor, Gale, Peeta, and five others are going filmed invading the Capitol for propaganda purposes. Katniss secretly plans to sneak away from her group to murder President Snow on her own. During their mission at the Capitol, they lose team members to deathly land mines, and Capitol assaults. There are five members left, and they split up and Katniss goes to Snow's mansion, where the President has penned many children from the Capitol, in front of his mansion,for his protection. A bomb suddenly drops down, killing most of the penned children, including Katniss' little sister Prim, who was a part of the rebels' medical team. President Snow is found guilty, but Katniss finds out that the last
bomb that killed Prim and all of the other children, may have been a plan once made by Gale. She sees that she will never be able to look at him the same way ever again, even though Gale wasn't directly involved with the losses of Prim and the other children. Katniss is awaken by Haymitch, informing her, of her violation of the government. He tells her that chaos exploded when she murdered Coin. He states that Snow was found dead, because he possibly choked on his own blood while laughing at Katniss' decision. She then returns to her old house in the Victors Village, and finds a woman named Greasy Sae to take care of her, while struggling to see if her life has any meaning. One day, she walks outside and discovers Peeta planting bunches of primrose flowers behind her house, in memory of her sister. Katniss and Peeta help each other through the awful, mental insanity aftermath of the Hunger Games and the war. And soon, Katniss realizes that she loves Peeta and he recalls his old love for her. Gale Peeta District 13 President Coin President Snow Peeta's memories of Katniss When Katniss finally gets the chance to kill President Snow, she remembers a conversation they had a long time ago, promising not to lie to each other. So, she aims her bow at his face, but she changes her mind, and shoots President Coin instead. After that, Katniss wakes up in her old room at the Hunger Games Training Center. She is being imprisoned, and thinking about committing suicide, but there's no weapons in the room. But instead, Katniss started singing. She sang every song she knew, hoping that singing would be a good way to end her life. Then, she went to sleep. Making an Aim Killing her Instead Being Stranded Here Troop 451 (The Star Squad) Prim Primrose Flowers District 12's Victor's Village Epilogue In the Epilogue, Katniss is an adult, over 20 years later. She and Peeta got married, and they had two children. The Hunger Games are over, but she fears the of the day when her children's fun, innocent world is destroyed by learning of the games and the war, with their parents parts in each. Katniss has taken count in every good thing she sees someone do when she is upset- being upset is a weary game, but not the worst there is in the world. THE END Almost...... The Cast- Of all 3 books and Movies Willow Shields-
as Primrose Everdeen Paula Malcomson-
as Katniss' mother Elizabeth Banks-
as Effie Trinket Woody Harrelson-
as Haymitch Abernathy Lenny Kravitz-
as Cinna Latarsha Rose-
as Portia Toby Jones-
as Claudius Templesmith Stanley Tucci-
as Ceasar Flickerman Donald Sutherland-
as President Snow Leven Ramblin-
as Glimmer 74th Hunger Games Tributes- District 1 Jack Quaid-
as Marvel District 2 Isabelle Fuhrman-
as Clove Alexander Ludwig-
as Cato District 3 Kalia Prescott-
as Tribute Girl Ian Nelson-
as Tribute Boy District 4 Tara Macken-
as Tribute Girl Ethan Jamieson-
as Tribute Boy District 5 Jacqueline Emerson-
as Foxface Chris Mark-
as Tribute Boy District Ashton Moio-
as Tribute Boy Kara Peterson-
as Tribute Girl District 7 Sam Ly-
as Tribute Boy Leigha Hancock-
as Tribute Girl District Samuel Tan-
as Tribute Boy Mackenzie Lintz-
as Tribute Girl District 9 Imanol Yepez-Frias -
as Tribute Boy Annie Thurman-
as Tribute Girl District 10 Jeremy Marinas-
as Tribute Boy Dakota Hood-
as Tribute Girl District 11 Amandla Stenberg-
as Rue Dayo Okeniyi-
as Thresh Wes Bently-
as Seneca Crane Wilbur Fitzgerald-
as Cray Patrick St.Esprit-
as Thread Gale's Family- Hazelle-
Mother Posy-
Little Sister Rory-
Little Brother Vick-
Little Brother Brooke Bundy-
as Octavia Kimiko Gelman-
as Venia Nelson Ascencio-
as Flavius Twill and Bonnie Dianna Agron-
as Madge Stefania Noelle Barr-
as Maysilee Donner James Gaisford-
as Young Haymitch Philip Seymour Hoffman-
as Plutarch Heavensbee Mentioned 75th Hunger Games Tributes District 1 Stephanie Leigh Schlund-
as Cashmere Alan Ritchson-
as Gloss District 2 Meta Golding-
as Enobaria Brund Gunn-
as Brutus District 3 Jeffrey Wright-
as Beetee Amanda Plummer-
as Wiress District 4 Lynn Cohen-
as Mags Sam Clafin-
as Finnick Odair District 7 Jena Malone-
as Johanna Mason District 11 Maria Howell-
as Seeder E. Roger Mitchell-
as Chaff Meryl Streep-
as President Alma Coin Astrid Berges-Frisbey -
as Annie Cresta Cliff Curtis-
as Boggs Gwendoline Christie-
as Jackson Kailey Spear-
as Leeg 1 Sam Spear-
as Leeg 2 Daniel Dae Kim-
as Mitchell Cressida Delly Cartwright Pollux Tigris Liam Hemsworth-
as Gale Hawthorne Josh Hutcherson-
as Peeta Mellark Jennifer Lawrence-
as Katniss Everdeen May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor The End 6 8
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