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Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights

Three lessons course

antonio dores

on 29 April 2012

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Transcript of Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights

Social Justice and Human Rights
Human Rights at different social levels
"Vendo bem, a relação de superioidade/subordinação só aniquila a liberdade do submetido em caso de violência física directa; de resto costuma apenas exigir um preço pela realização da liberdade (...)" George Simmel
em Manuel Braga da Cruz, Teorias Sociológicas I - Os funfdadores e os clássicos, Lisboa, Fund Caloust Gulbenkian, 1989:560.
relate differently to:
Levels of reality

Human Natures

Social Class

Generation Rights
Levels of reality
* Local vs universal
* Community vs society
*Colective vs individual
*Biological vs mental
Human Nature
*Ethnocentric cultural discrimination
*Scapegoats stigmatization and presecution
*Moral and cultural double standards
Social Class
*Existance and efficacy vs emphaty and identity
*Pratical life vs virtual life
*Instability of life and safe life
*Risk vs security
*Private vs public
*The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
*Women and Children Human Rights
*Protection of Migrant Workers and their Families

Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery
Indigenous People

The Voice, the will and the evolution (faith vs people rights)
Globalization and Human Rights
Law and Social Theory
*politics vs science
*power vs solidarity
*aristocracy vs philanthropy
*Frankfurt School
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