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jilesh jose

on 19 June 2015

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New people-God's people
New way of life
in harmony with God's nature & purposes
What is our response?
1. CFC is one body throughout the world, with one vision, one mission, and also one culture.

2. God wants to create a new humanity, one that would live His life on earth. We are to be witnesses to His work in our lives.

3. Our response will determine the effectiveness of our witness. Our positive response will keep us united and will enable the Lord to use us for mission.
Our Christian Culture in CFC

CFC is a Christian community with distinctive beliefs, values and patters of life.

Of course,our basic Christian beliefs and values are those held in common by all orthodox Christians.

Beliefs: Jesus is Lord, life after death, etc.

Values: What we consider desirable, e.g., loyalty, dependability, dignity of life, etc.

In addition, we stress the importance of
marriage and family life.

Eph 4:22-24
Christianity is a culture
s a natural consequence of Christian beliefs and values, Christians ought to have a distinctively Christian way of life that reflects and supports such values and beliefs.

We ought to be distinguishable from other worldly cultures. In fact, Christianity is a counter culture.

We can be Christian and Indian / Filipino/ Srilankan etc.. But we are Christians first and foremost.

Expressions of Christian culture in CFC.
Loyalty & commitments
Christian speech
2. Faith
We are to be men and women of faith.
3. Prayer and Scripture.


* .

aove our brethren.

c) Respect for order and authority in the body.

* We need order and authority for the body to function effectively.

* The Lord places various people in positions of authority. We are to obey and respect them. Heb 13:17.

d) Christian finance.

* We have a common responsibility to support God's work.

* We are to make available to the Lord not just our time and our talents, but also our treasure.

From darkness to light
Once no people, now God's people
Also,we are strangers and in exile
Family of Families Following Christ

Our Christian Culture in CFC
ur "statement of mission" provides our direction and the rationale for our existence.

The family is a creation of God and God wants us to rise in defense of His work.

We are to bring families back to the plan of God.

Building the Church of the Home
Building the Church of the Poor
CFC Statement of Mission
CFC believes that the families practising the Gospel message shares in the life and mission of the Church

CFC believes that Christian Family renewal can be best achieved by inviting Jesus to be the Lord of our homes and by allowing the holy spirit to lead our family

CFC Statement of Philosophy

1. The way we relate to one another.
Honor & respect
CFC Statement of Philosophy

CFC believes that marriage is indissoluble and is created by God for love and procreation.
CFC believes that God created husband and wife with equal worth and dignity. God's order for the family is expressed in roles, with man as head and woman as helpmate.

CFC Statement of Philosophy

CFC believes that the families practicing the Gospel message shares in the life and mission of the Church

CFC believes that Christian Family renewal can be best achieved by inviting Jesus to be the Lord of our homes and by allowing the holy spirit to lead our family

God's Hall of Fame
God's order : headship and submission
4.Order in the Family
The Christian family is at the very center of God's plan
We need to have Jesus at the center of family life
5.Life as a body

a) We are one body, with a common life.
* Not individualistic, but brethren.
* Not pursue holiness just individually, but also corporately.

b) One concrete expression is the household.

* A concrete manifestation of being "family".
* Our weekly "spiritual filling station".
* A place to truly love our brethren.


The New Testament Teaching

What did God Do for us?

CFC believes in the irreplaceable right and responsibility of parents to educate their children.

May God Be Praised
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