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The Louvre

AP Art History

Stephen Imburgia

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of The Louvre

My Artistic Experience!
From Paris to New York
The Venus de Milo
Completed Circa 100-130 BC
Alexandros of Antioch
Sully Wing
Ground Floor
Parthenon Room
Room 7
Portrait of Lisa Gherardini:
Wife of Francesco del Giocondo
Leonardo Davinci
Completed between 1503-1506
Denon Wing
First Floor
Mona Lisa Room
Room 6
Completed Circa 190 BC
Denon Wing
Ground Floor
Victory of Samothrace Staircase
Escalier Daru
(from Private Room near Napoleon's Apartments)
View of the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Entrance
(designed by American architect Ieoh Ming Pei)
The Louvre's Famous Pyramid
Located in Sully Wing
Trompe L'oeil Ceiling
Outdoor Sculptures on
Ledge of Private Room
Near Napoleon's Apartments
"Royal French" Ceiling
(located in Sully Wing)
European Sculpture Gallery
Reliquary Crown
Richelieu wing
1st floor
Jeanne d'Evreux Room
Display case 1
Late Thirteenth Century
Found in Dominican Convent in Liege
My sisters and I!
by Stephen Imburgia
(La Bonne-Mere), Marseilles
Completed 1905-1906
Paul Signac
The Winged Victory of Samothrace
European Paintings
Gallery 826
Office Board
John F. Peto
Completed 1885
Ugolino and his Sons
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
Completed 1865-1867
European Sculpture
and Decorative Arts
Gallery 548
American Paintings and Sculpture
Gallery 765
A Musician and his Daughter
Thomas de Keyser
Completed 1629
European Paintings
Gallery 613
Me in the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery!
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Facade
View of the Temple of Dendor
(from 2nd Floor Japanese Gallery)
Italian and French
Sculpture Gallery
Tiffany Fountain
(located in American Wing)
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