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Open A Window

No description

Bob Bobsen

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of Open A Window

What's the Problem?
All around the world teens and young adults are suffering with anxiety and depression. Often it feels like every door is closing around them, but we have to help them open a window and see everything from a new angle. This may seem difficult, but we can do this with a few simple steps.
Why Should We Care?
It is not fair that these people feel like they're alone. Everyone deserves to feel happy, safe and supported. We cannot force the problem to go away, but we can be a helping hand to them. Even just asking them about their day and telling them that they are not alone can help.
First Step?
First step is creating awareness. Make posters and put them up around your town. Or just simply have a conversation with someone to show them why they should care about a problem that's effecting millions.
Take To Social Media
On March 27 people will band together around the world to create awareness for this issue. Showing people that we care by simply writing a hashtag can prove to them that they matter. If everyone will just type #openawindow into their phone we can definitely create awareness for this issue.
What Will This Do?
By spreading the word and creating conversations people will begin to realize that this is a serous issue. Many people know about depression and anxiety, but dismiss it as something that can be prevented. However these are real sicknesses that require a voice and we have to provide one.
You're Not Alone
Even though you are only one person you can still make a difference. By taking these steps you can create a following that will help people around the world. We are trying to make people stop feeling like they're alone, so even small things can make a difference!
Reach Out
Tell your friends and family to help you make a change. Make an account to a social media account and link people to the website. If you see someone around you suffering reach out a helping hand. In order to talk the talk you have to walk the walk!
Our Goal
It will take months and probably years, but eventually this issue will be solved. It will take perseverance, courage and a lot of strength, but eventually we can change the world. Together anyone can make a difference and that is all we need to accomplish. Even if we only help one person we have succeeded!
Open A Window
To Create Change
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