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InSEM (in-situ mechanical testing)

Nanomechanics, Inc. presents the InSEM nanoindenter for mechanical testing inside a vacuum chamber or an SEM. Visit www.nanomechanicsinc.com for more information.

Bryan Crawford

on 16 July 2012

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Transcript of InSEM (in-situ mechanical testing)

in-situ mechanical tester
About Nanomechanics, Inc.
Why Choose the InSEM for Your Laboratory?
Key Personnel
Kermit Parks
John Swindeman
Bryan Crawford
Warren Oliver
Vice President
Director of Analytical Services
Mechanical Testing System
Video Synchronization
Using the InSEM System
Equipment from Agilent
Modes of Operation
Applications and Results
Pillar Compression
Development of Performance Software
Design of Custom Instrumentation
Contract Manufacturing
Custom Technique Development
Contract Laboratory Services
NanoSuite Software
Control Electronics
Displacement Range: >40 um
Displacement Resolution: <0.2 nm
Load Range: > 25 mN with capability for upgrade to higher loads (>200 mN)
Load Resolution: <0.5 uN
Powerful method pack
Intuitive test protocol development and control
Legendary ease of use - simplicity and flexibility
Complete system with the NanoSwift Controller
Includes a full computer and electronics rack
Picture of testing performed by Erica Lilleodden GKSS Research Center.
Captures video directly from the SEM monitor, records it, and, then, automatically synchronizes the video with the mechanical test data, all on the test instrument.
Mounts directly to a port on the SEM
Feed-through allows tip positioning adjustments from the outside of the chamber
Tip stays stationary under the beam while the sample is free to move for adjusting targeting positions.
Easy removal from the chamber
Even without removal, the transducer can be withdrawn.
Easy Tip Changes
Easy to Change/Remove the Transducer
1. Unplug Connector
2. Loosen Thumb-screw
3. Remove Transducer
Easy to Install
3 Screws secure it to a port on the SEM
Tips screw into the transducer and extensions can be used to enable short working distances.
Tip Alignment
Alignment is performed outside of the chamber and can be adjusted under vacuum.
Course and fine adjustments are avaliable for adjusting the working distance and positioning the tip left or right.
Alignment is only performed when changing working distances or after changing the tip/transducer; otherswise, the tip remains aligned to the beam reguardless of retraction or engagement with samples.
Multiple Ports
and Systems
Changing ports is as easy as changing the flange.
Fracture in Silicon
Courtsey of Erik Herbert at the University of Tennessee
Bridge Deflection Test
Deflection of an AFM Cantilever
Beam Bending
Work completed by Dr. Erica Lilleodden
Work Completed by Dr. Julia Greer's Group at the California Institute of Technology.
Work Completed by Dr. Julia Greer's Group
The inert vacuum environment makes indentation testing of reactive materials, like lithium and other battery materials, possible.
Load Controlled Mode
Displacement Controlled Mode
Load Cell Mode
We bring our decades of experience in the fields of Nanomechanics and Advanced Instrumentation to bear in providing OEM products, contract testing, and the InSEM in-situ mechanical testing system.
The InSEM is a complete package which includes:
Nanomechanical Actuating Transducer
Feed through system
Thermal shield
Video capture system that synchronizes the SEM video with the mechanical test data for review
Computer and control electronics
NanoSuite Explorer Software
Berkovich or cube-corner tip.

The feed-through system firmly mounts the system to the SEM frame and allows the tip to remain stationary under the beam.

Easy installation and removal makes the system ideal for multi-user facilities.
the complete system for in-situ
mechanical testing
Dynamic Testing Capabilities!
The InSEM System is availiable with the CSM option.
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