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A presentation on the rare disease, Pallister Killian Syndrome, and the wonderful Charity that is working to help it. Also learn how you can help.

Mia Waddell

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of PKS KIDS

Education, Awareness, Support PKS KIDS What is PKS KIDS? Non-Profit

Pallister Killian Syndrome

Helps families involved with the disease

Support groups

Research for doctors Where We Came From: The first convention took place in 2006

Started by Dr. Phillip Pallister

PKS also helps to raise awareness in the community about the rare disease.

Because PKS is so rare, most doctors are not properly educated about it. What is PKS? PKS KIDS Today Support Families with Medical Bills and Equipment Expenses

Annual fundraisers


Spreading the word Meet Ben! Ben Waddell is a thirteen year old boy with a well developed case of PKS. ... He Paints! With help from his dad and a little
support, Ben is able to move
his hand around a canvas
and create these. This just goes to show what
these special boys and girls
can do. But Ben does something incredible... How You Can Help There are many ways that you can help these kids.

Join fundraising events (5k run/walk)
Buy merchandise
Raise awareness THANK YOU! We would like to thank you all for patiently listening to our requests. Occurs for no known reason.

Chromosome deformity.

Less than 300 diagnosed cases.

Thought to be more than 2,000 undiagnosed cases.
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