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Tunnel Books!

lesson for fourth graders

Meghan Zanskas

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Tunnel Books!

Tunnel Books! This tunnel book, which shows people dancing in a German garden, was made by Martin Engelbrecht in the 18th century. Each layer of the scene acts as a window, revealing the layers behind it, until your eyes reach the background. Here are the layers spaced apart to create the tunnel. Here is the complete tunnel viewed from the front. Tunnel Books can be mysterious... Here is a top view. This is the same book
viewed from the front. Notice that this artist used different colors for each layer. What are they? tunnels made of books? Books about tunnels? Some animals are excellent at digging tunnels. ...and so are some people. Tunnel Books are a series of sheets that stand parallel to one another and work together to create one unified image. The pages are held together by accordion-folded papers on each side, and viewed from one central opening. Your tunnel book can have many colors, or maybe just one. Each layer reveals more than the last. The background
is the only solid page. Your assignment! Imagine an unrealistic scene
that you will bring to life. Your finished project must have at least two layers and one background. It could be from a book or from your imagination. Use the drawing paper to make a rough draft.
Then use posterboard for your final piece. Now, get to work!
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