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Customer Journey Map

No description

Erin Parker

on 12 August 2016

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Transcript of Customer Journey Map

The Event
EC Calls
Marketing Building Engagement
Driving Leads
Reservation & Packed Suitcase
Winspire Customer Journey Map
Trip Booking
Checklist Builder
Marketing filters non qualified events
Word of mouth
Sells the "concept," not the item
EC educates on Winspire services
Selects items that are the best fit
Learns about event
EC explains multiple selling
Ensures NP can download package documents
Offer auctioneer and other event recommendations
CSR chase NP for WB info
CSR generates invoice and chases payment from NP
Voucher sent to WB after payment is received from NP
LUXE/WSE/PHM contacts WB after WB submits redemption request
LUXE/WSE/PHM offers up sells & add-ons
LUXE/WSE/PHM works with vendors to make reservations
New Marketing:
EC checks for duplicates
Creates new account or adds to existing
New Opportunity created
WB travels
LUXE/ WSE/PHM available to assist WB during trip if needed
Send final itinerary/certs if necessary to WB
WSE surveys WB on experience
Rarely sell other trips to WB directly (% goes to FS)
NP is exhausted
Needs a pat on the back and "Thank you"
WB needs reminder of what they've purchased OR is anxious to book but doesn't know process
NP informs Winspire of sale OR CSR calls to see what sold
NP asks repeatedly if we have received check/ want ability to pay by CC
WB provides redemption request
Customer Journey
Winspire Touch Points
NP & WB Perspective
NP receives "Next Steps" packet
NP receives "Good Luck" call
Winspire now has a new client, the Winning Bidder
NP commits to using experiences & packs suitcase
Agrees to LOA
Existing Acct Leads:
EC calls past NPs to get new event date
New Opportunity created
NP engages with Winspire via email, live chat, web or phone
Completes lead form

WB often provides feedback to NP
Promo video on website homepage
Revise trip prices: Instead of $4,000, offer at $3,990
Marketing tool kit to help NP pre-market
Make better use of social media-confirm NP has created an Event page
Payment options added to invoices (NP's are confused on how to proceed with payment)
Remove $20 processing fee & add $20 to each experience price
Make CC payment to our site through suitcase & remove 3% fee
Remove $25/person processing fee for booking service (not complimentary)
Pre-event planning for next year
Personalized/branded note or gift from NP & Winspire
Let NP know WB is booked and share WB feedback with NP
Offer WB other relevant experiences and give % to original NP- further build rapport with both NP & WB
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