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Puberty Health Education

This is a health education module used by Roosevelt Students to learn about puberty in a fun and dynamic way.

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Transcript of Puberty Health Education

Puberty What is puberty? What can boys expect? What can girls expect? Why don't I feel good about my body? How is my brain changing? Why do I have
these feelings? Why do I feel
like I don't fit in? Why am I having
a hard time with my parents? What did I learn? Puberty is when a child's body changes into an adult's body. Girls start to
look like women Boys start to
look like men
Boys can
father a child Girls can become pregnant Each person's body
changes at different times:

Puberty can start
between the ages of
9 and 17.

On average, girls start
puberty between 12-13.

On average, boys start
puberty 13 - 14.
What's Normal????? Everyone matures at differnt times.

Every body looks different.

Many teens feel uncomfortable
or self conscious as their bodies

This is normal. What changes for everyone
during puberty?

Boys and girls grow
quickly and can experience
"growing pains"

Skin and hair become more

Bodies begin to "fill out".

Bodies sweat more and
have new odors. The testicles begin to grow first

They begin to produce sperm

The testicles are held in the scrotum.

Pubic hair also grows around the genitals When a boy is sexually excited

the penis fills with blood and
stands away from the body
(this an erection).

The fluid that leaves the penis
is called semen and contains
sperm Circumcision About half of men are circumcised,
meaning a small piece of foreskin was
removed from the penis.

Neither is good or bad.
It's important for all boys to wash well.
Boys with foreskin should pull it back and
clean underneath of the skin.

If you have more questions about circumcision, please ask your health educator Girls begin to
ovulate and release
eggs from their ovaries
The uterus is where a pregnancy grows
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