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Radisson meets the Indians in a winter camp

No description

Rachel Oliva

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Radisson meets the Indians in a winter camp

Explicit Message Who? When Who?
Why? `The Europeans have already met the natives and thhey bumped into each other after a while . we think that they already met because the natives dont look shocked / scared. The Europeans aren't holding the gun which means they're laid back . Raddisson went back to the Mohawk tribe in 1660. He and his partner are also wearing snowshoes, which was something the Aboriginals taught the Europeans. Picture Study #6 By: Rachel, Tenzin, Ryan, Mahnoor,
Hamza and Andy Why? Radisson meets Indians
in a winter camp We say the people on the left are part of the mohawk tribe and they are nomatics. We think that because they are wearing animal pelts, headbands and have jackets with symbols on them. Mohawks are nomatic because they live in tipis and tipis are easy to put up and take down. We think the people on the right are explorers from New France and one of them is Pierre Esrit Raddisson because they are wearing backpacks with buckles and they are also wearing coats that don't seem to be made out of animal pelts. We think one of them is Raddisson because he visited the mohawks in 1660. We also think that the mohawk men with the feather is the chief of the mohawk tribe. because he is the only one wearing a feather,he is stepping up to communicate with the europeans and he is wearing a robe and no one else is. What? Where We think that they are at a Mohawk winter camp in North America because the title of this picture says they are at a Mowhawk winter camp. They are in North America beacuase pine trees are native to North America and Mowhawks are native to North America We think that the picture takes place in the winter time in 1660. We think that because there is snow on the ground and the trees, and also the trees are bare. Also because the Europeans are wearing snowshoes and there is fire coming out of the tipis.Both the European and natives are wearing thick layers of clothes . We know this takes place in 1660 because that's what the text to this picture says. We think that Radisson came back to the winter camp to reunite with the Mohawks . If they were meeting mohawks for the first time . Radisson wouldn't greet with 2 hands like everyone else . He also seems to have put down his gun so he must be comfortable . If it was his first time , he would hold his gun with caution. Implicit Message Dominant Focus
Qualities of Europeans
Qualities of Aboriginals
Symbolic message Dominant Focus We say that the Dominant Focus is
from the European's perspective
because the title has the word "Indians"
in it.The Aboriginals would never call
themselves Indians as it is a false name.
The Aboriginals would not know when or
even if Radisson died. The Aboriginals
would probably not call their camp
a winter camp either; they
would have a specific
name. Qualities of European Figure One of the qualities of the European figure is smart because they created a greeting with the Aboriginals when they couldn't speak the same language and Radisson as well as his partner found the Mohawk's (Aboriginals) campsite even though the Mohawk's were nomadic.They are adventurous because they explored unknown woods and hunted with shotguns. They partner is also coming out of the woods alone which means no Native was guiding them.They are prepared because they have items to help them in case they come upon any obstacles in the way.(Axe for cutting down any fallen down trees. Shotgun
for any animals they
encounter.) Qualities of Aboriginals The Mohawks are religious because they have lots of symbols on their jackets and their chief has a feather on his jacket which shows that they have specific beliefs.They are nurturing as well because the woman is taking care of her child in the tipi and has come out to see if something is wrong so she can protect her child.The Mohawks are very sharing. They are sharing their snowshoes with the Europeans while they were hunting. They are also letting the Europeans stay with them at their camp for a while. We also think the Mohawks are welcoming by letting the Europeans into their "homes". This shows that they liked the Europeans and trusted them as well. Symbolic Message We believe that the symbolic message of the picture is to show how well the Europeans and Aboriginals got along before the Europeans started to take power from them. We see this message when we look at how the Europeans and Aboriginals are so comfortable and calm around each other.They look calm and nobody seems to be angry or annoyed.They are also doing their special greeting.There seems to be no violence as well as the Europeans have their weapons laid down not ready to attack. The Natives also appear to be sharing their snowshoes with the Europeans.
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