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Four Point Planning

A better way to innovate

jamie billingham

on 27 November 2016

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Transcript of Four Point Planning

Concrete Experience
Reflective Observation
Abstract Conceptualization
Active Experimentation
Develop ideas
Link ideas
Apply idea
Set priorities
Taking action
Gather information about the Something
Make Sense of the Something
Engage in the New Experience
A Way to:
It's how kids do it
It's Experimental
It's Experiential
Four-Point Evidence
Think about the Something
Reflect on it
Get feedback from others
Link to ideas or theories
that are related to or that may help you understand the Something
Develop a plan for learning
or for change.
Design a new Something.
Concrete Experience:
You notice there is a lack of buy-in and energy around a current plan.
Reflective Observation:

Get feedback from others using multiple methods - surveys, dialogue...
Abstract Conceptualization:

What would Peter Senge do?
He knows about creating a culture of commitment and enrollment. Maybe our organizational culture is an area to look at.
Active experimentation:
Lets try a values
and vision approach and check for alignment.
Use a safe to fail experiment and if it works we'll be way ahead of where we are now. If it doesn't then we can try something else.
Using Four-Point Evidence
You notice "Something"
Notice Something else
Action Research
Identify initial idea
Make a plan
Get some facts
Get feedback.

Take first action steps
Evaluate and amend plan
Take second action steps
This is a lot like...
Four Point
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