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Plant Cell Analogies Project (Car)

No description

Helory Kojongian

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell Analogies Project (Car)

Plant Cell Analogies Project (Car)
By: Helory Kojongian

Aluminum Structure (Cell Wall)
The engine of a car is like a nucleus of a cell because it supplies information for a car to stop or go the same way a nucleus stores DNA to instruct proteins.
Engine (Nucleus)
The aluminum structure of a car is like a cell wall because it protects and shapes a car the same way a cell wall shapes and protects a plant cell.
Doors (Cell Membrane)
The doors of a car are like a cell membrane because they let people in and out of a car the same way a cell membrane lets substances enter and leave a cell.
The electronic control module (ECM) in a car is like a cytoskelton because it has many different functions that meet the needs of a car the same way a cytoskeleton has many different functions to meet the needs of a cell.
ECM (Cytoskeleton)
The fuel injectors for a car is like a nucleolus because it gives fuel to a car the same way a nucleolus supplies ribosomes to make protein for a cell.
Fuel Injectors (Nucleolus)
The cylinders in a car is like the endoplasmic reticulum because it is where the process of supplying fuel to a car happens the same way the production of proteins and lipids occur on the endoplasmic reticulum.
Cylinders (Endoplasmic Reticulum)
The exhaust manifold is like ribosomes because it collects gases from multiple cylinders in to on a pipe for fuel the same way ribosomes link amino acids to form proteins.
Exhaust Manifold (Ribosomes)
The intake valve is like the golgi apparatus because is sorts and delivers a mixture of air and fluid in to an engine's cylinders the same way the golgi apparatus sorts and delivers proteins.
Intake Valve (Golgi Apparatus)
Fuel for a car is like mitochondrion because it converts gas in to fuel for a car the same way mitochondrion convert energy in to food for a cell.
Fuel (Mitochonrion)
The compression stroke in a car engine is like chloroplasts because it gas to fuel a car the same way chloroplasts convert solar energy in to chemical energy for a cell.
Compression Stroke (Chloroplasts)
An engine block is like a vacuole because it stores the cylinders' cooling ducts in a car the same way a vacuole stores water and minerals for a cell.
Engine block (Vacuole)
The hood of a car is like the cytoplasm because it contains all the parts of a car that make a car move the same way cytoplasm contains proteins, nucleic acids, minerals, and ions which make a cell function.
Hood (Cytoplasm)
A GPS is like DNA because it sores information in people the same way DNA stores genetic information in all organisms.
Protein is like a car because a car makes pollution the same way a cell makes proteins.
Protein (Car pollution)
An oil filter is like a lysosome because it removes unwanted material from engine oil the same way a lysosome gets rid of unwanted material from a cell.
Oil Filter (Lysosome)
Cell Wall
Cell Membrane
Endoplasmic Reticulum
golgi apparatus
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