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Pegasus The Flame of Olympus

No description

josh myerson

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Pegasus The Flame of Olympus

The Setting of the book is in New
York City during the present time. The season is not
told, but we can assume since they have school
and there is no snow, that is around spring. Emily Jacobs is smart, loyal and caring. She can be so loyal and compassionate she will take any risk to save her friends. She is emotional and worries easily, but over time she has learned how to calm herself. She has reached the point where she can face her fears, provided she's relaxed enough to keep her mind focused on what she is doing. Joel was born in Rome, Italy to Mr. and Mrs. DeSilva who later had another son. Some years later the family moved to Connecticut because Mr. DeSilva got a job at The United Nations. Then, when Joel was about ten years old, his family decided to go on a weekend break but a drunk driver lost control of his car and crashed into the DeSilva's. Joel survived but his parents and brother were killed instantly. After this incident Joel was placed in a foster home, but left sometime after because he didn't get along with his foster parents. He was placed in another home where he shared a room with some other boys who kept stealing his possessions. Joel went to his social worker to ask if he could be put into another home but they refused, saying he should be happy that he had a place to live. Kate O'Hearn is an American children's fantasy writer, best known for the Pegasus series. O'Hearn published her first book, Shadow of the Dragon: Kira in 2008, which led to a series of books. www.kateohearn.com Paelen is troublesome, playful and funny. He loves a laugh and often plays pranks on other Olympians, Cupid being a favourite of his. At the same time he's also respectful of the older Gods. However, behind that innocent face once lay a thief, and although he no longer steals from other Olympians he still remains sneaky and resourceful. Many Olympians believe he hasn't changed his ways, but since meeting Emily and Joel he has stopped thieving and become a best friend to both of them. He is loyal, caring, yet mischievous, and doesn't lose his patience very often unless he has dislikes someone a lot. Diana was the Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon and Birthing, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. She is also a good companion of Pegasus and is also a fierce warrior. Throughout the book, she shows how fierce and tough she is during the CRU interrogation and as well when she was fighting back the Nirads. She is also concerned about wildlife, this is shown when she tries to free the horses in the New York stables. Lastly while on Olympous fending off the Nirads, her brother Apollo is killed and she barley escapes to the mortal world. The setting of the book is in New York city in present time. The main problem is the Nirads are attacking Olympus and Pegasus was injured on Earth and needs to get healed so he can fight. Paelen had saw Mercury die, and while he was dying he gave him his flying sandles and told him to try and fight to save Olympus. Paelen decided to flee with Pegasus and got struck by lightning in the mortal world. Pegasus had crash landed on Emily's roof, she goes up and takes care of him and she gets her friend Joel to help her take care of Pegasus. The Nirads make their way to the roof and Emily and Joel escape with Pegasus, but Emiy gets cut by a Nirad and has a large open wound. They end up crashing in to Central Park and they try to dye Pegasus's
hair black so he blends in. They also try to hide from the CRU
(goverment agency that deals with UFO's). They also run into
goddess Diana and she helps them sneak Pegasus out of
New York The CRU ends up capturing them while trying
to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. Emily wakes up in a underground facility which is where the CRU is as well as Diana, Joel, and Paelene. The doctors put her leg in a cast and are fixing the wound caused by the Nirads as well Paelene is taken to a hospital where Emilie's father (an NYPD officer) investigates his appearance and when his blod test results come back, a nurce calls the CRU. Paelene learns of Emily and the rest at the facility
and escapes his room to fed Pegasus and visit's Emily, Joel, and Diana to see how they got there. The Agent "J" and "O" interrogate Emily about how she met Pegasus and Diana and in the process Agent "J" presses on Emile's leg and causes her to black out. When Emile's leg gets a little better the Nirads find her and the others and they try to escape. In the process of doing so, Diana and Joel fend off the Nirads while Emily and Pegasus follow closely behind. They finally escape the CRU HQ and finish fighting off the Nirads and Pegasus flies them to Olympus. Once at Olympus at the Temple of Vesta, Emily walks into the bowl that held the Flame of Olympus and sacrificed herself. In the end she actually is reborn and her wound is gone and she saves Olympus from destruction and peace is restored. Emily realizes she is the daughter of Vesta (holds the Flame of Olympus inside her) and must sacrifice herself so Olympus can survive. (holds the Flame of Olympus inside her) Character Analysis The character Emily Jacobs, is a helpful. caring, clever, and quick to act. At the beginning she was slightly fearful, cautious, and curious, by the end, she has zero ounces of fear left, and is all curious. When the lightning storm hits New York, she lies to her father about not being scared, which she really is scared. When Pegasus lands on her roof, she is curious, but also scared to check it out. Pegasus Flame of Olympus By Kate O'Hearn Josh Myerson Prezi By: By the middle of the book, she she is less fearful, but still a little cautious due to the fact the CRU is chasing after them. Once the CRU capture them, she does her best to resist answering their questions during interrogation. At the end of the book, Emily is fearless and is very curious. She helps fight off the Nirads and is essential to their escape from the CRU base. When she realizes she is the daughter of Vesta, she does not hesitate to sacrifice herself, when she is reborn, she is glad that she did what she did. I would recompensed this book if you love action mystery, and Greek or Roman myths. This book has enough adventure to keep you reading for hours. Recommendation References mortalkombat.wikia.comjustinsbookblog.comclubs-kids.scholastic.co.uknpr.orgimdb.com
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