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EBay - SWOT Analysis. (26th March, 2014)

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Fatima Ali

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of EBay - SWOT Analysis. (26th March, 2014)

Ranking: High
Largest Online Auction
(eBay has over 94.9 million registered users in more then 150 different countries)
Recognizable Brand Name
(Unique Logo, Colors and Branding in terms of publicity as compared to Amazon etc.)
Over 250 Alliances.
(eBay holds 250 alliances with top-notch international companies including PayPal, Walt Disney, IBM, UPS, America Online, TradeSafe and I-Escrow)
Global Reach
(People from all over the world can connect virtually and find their products of interest on eBay)
Over 27,000 Different Categories
(Wide Array of products allows them to be the leading online auction site - kind of like the WalMart of the Internet)
eBay is a publicly traded company
(Generates capital. Initial public offering made $66 million for the company. Second IPO generated another $600 million for the company)
Sense of Community
(Making the customers a priority and coming up with new ways to reach out to them for example: eBay University)
No requirement of traditional sales force.
(Keeps cost down in terms of training, payroll and salary)

Inability to Measure Illegal Activity on Site
(Customers claim about 10 percent fraudulent transactions)

Inability to Penetrate Some Foreign Markets
(eBay has failed to take over one of the most crucial foreign markets, i,e. Japan.)
Lack of In-Depth Descriptions for Products
( eBay fails to give indepth description of all the products which could lead to wrongly sold products to the customers)
Technology Malfunctions
(Technology malfunctions are always going to be a factor when dealing with websites and online shopping i.e. to keep hackers out of personal PayPay and eBay accounts)
Ranking: Medium
Image by Tom Mooring
- SWOT Analysis. (26th March, 2014)

Growing number of mobile shoppers
(The growing number of mobile shoppers represents a huge growth opportunity for PayPal as its one of the few payment systems that meets the requirements for convenient shopping and payment processing on the go.)
Become a retailer.
(eBay has an access to hugest online marketplace in the world and is well placed to take an advantage of that by becoming a retailer.)
Increase services portfolio through acquisition.
(The company has successfully acquired many companies to extend its services offering and should continue adding new services through mergers and acquisitions.)
Open more online stores in other countries.
(To sustain current growth levels, eBay could open its online marketplaces in other large and growing economies in Asia and Europe.)
Changing lifestyles
. (People are using the internet more and more to pay bills, talk to family, and shop. eBay can use this opportunity for continued market penetration and expansion.)

(Threat of fraud and illegal actions in online shopping)
Increasing Number of Online Trading Sites
( eBay already has many competitors surrounding them including Amazon.com, uBid, and ePier which makes it harder to encompass a competitive edge in the market)
Rapid Growth of Amazon.com
(May have the potential to take over the largest market share in the online auction industry)
Increasing Number of Online Stores
(Competition with online retailers such as JC Penny, Target, etc)
1/3rd of Americans already registered on the website.
(United States is eBay’s main customer. Poses a threat to their continued rapid growth universally because they will start to run out of customers to join their site)
eBay (2013). Company overview. Available at: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/aboutebay/thecompany/companyoverview.html
eBay (2013). Investors. Available at: http://investor.ebay.com/annuals.cfm

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