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Marilyn Monroe

No description

Beatrice Björk

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Marilyn Monroe

BEATRICE KLARA Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio
14th january 1954- october 1954 Marilyns fame continues to grow Marilyn Monroe began working at an aeronautical plant. Marilyn and Arthur Miller David encouraged her to apply to The Blue Book Modeling Agency. Reached out to everyone Marilyn went through many
miscarriage during her
relationship with Arthur Miller. Her successful modeling career brought her to the attention of Ben Lyon,
who arranged a screen test with 20th Century Fox. MARILYN MONROE In 1947 Monroe had been released from her contract and instead
she signed a six-month contract with Columbia Pictures. David Conover was sent to the factory by his commanding officer, to shoot morale-boosting photographs for Yank. Marilyn bleached her
brunette hair a golden blonde. Niagara was the film that helped
Marilyn getting more prominent roles. She met the photographer Tom Kelley,
who convinced her to pose nude. Marilyn and her drama coach Paula Strasberg Marilyn loved her. The producers didn't. 30 films the sixth-greatest female star of all time. ''the best actress
in a comedy'' Her last completed film was ''the misfits''. My week with Marilyn Early feminist-lived in a man's world She was and still is a
beauty icon James Dougherty and Marilyn The Prince and the Showgirl June 29, 1956- January 20, 1961 He had a wife and family The relationship was a secret They were always together June 19, 1942 - 1946 She changed peoples views - body confidence "The ultimate bombshell" I will continue the talking about Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn's career, which I'll talk about, began when.. A marriage full of fights,
jealousy and violence. Marilyn Monroe was found dead august 5th in 1962 Suicide? Murder? Let me end my part with this question,
who were Marilyns first husband? I've focused on Marilyn's marriages and her important acting coach. Let me end my part with this question
Who was Ben Lyon? It is her seductive and mysterious personality that fascinates us still today. I'd like to finish our presentation with a final question:
What is the movie "My week with Marilyn" based on? Astrid Big interest
in her personal
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