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Huck and Tom Project

No description

bridget murphy

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Huck and Tom Project

This is "Huck Finn". Huck is
a character who doesn't have a
family, and lives alone. Huck
does what he can to survive,
and is somewhat a "rebel". This is "Tom Sawyer".
Tom lives with his aunt
Polly and cousin Sid.
Tom gets in trouble a lot,
and is full of mischeif.
He is also in "love" with
Becky Thatcher. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Tom is on a hunt for treasure.
When he enters the tavern he
doesn't find a treasure, but he
does find something, or someone.
Tom finds Injun Joe drunk and
passed out on the floor. Tom runs
away screaming to find Huck and
tell him what he just discovered.
Tom and Huck then know that this
where Injun Joe is hiding out. When Tom found out that Injun
Joe was trapped inside the cave
he was worried. He knew that Injun
Joe had done wrong, but he also
felt pity for the man. When they finally
got in the cave and found that Injun
Joe had died, Tom and Huck were
relieved. They no longer had to worry
endlessly about what Injun Joe was
going to do to them. The main reason that Injun Joe
killed Dr. Robinson was for revenge.
Injun Joe wanted to get back at
the doctor for something that
had happened in the past. So Injun Joe
came up with a plan, and stuck with it.
He framed Muff Potter so that it would
look like he actually had committed the
murder. Everything was going as planned,
until Tom and Huck ruined his plans. Tom was being forced by
Aunt Polly to whitewash the
fence. He had gotten in trouble
for going swimming instead
of going to school. So instead
of obeying Aunt Polly whitewashing
the fence himself, Tom convinced
other people to do it. Tom made it
seem like it was a huge honor to
whitewash a fence. Kids from throughout
the neighborhood came and paid Tom
various items so they could whitewash
the fence. Tom not only got out of
doing the work himself, but he also got paid. Tom, Joe, and Huck randomly
decided one day to run away
on a pirate adventure. They
didn't tell their families where they
were going, they just left. They took
a raft out to an island, and made
themselves a "home". Everyone back
in town thought that the boys had
drowned. They found a raft, but no
boys. One day Tom snuck back, and
seen just how worried they had made
everyone. This made the boys feel
homesick and guilty. Tom, Huck, and Joe suprised everyone by showing up to their own funeral. When the three boys walked into the church they seen looks of shock from everyone in the building. Aunt Polly and Mrs. Harper ran up and gave Tom and Joe big hugs. Huck didn't have any family that cared enough about him to go to his funeral. So Tom had Aunt Polly go over to Huck and give him some "Love". For a minute, everything was perfect. When Tom first seen Becky he knew he was in "love" with her. It was similar to what we witnessed in Romeo and Juliet. Tom didn't know Becky, but judging by her looks, he knew he wanted to marry her. So Tom didn't even mind when he got in trouble in school and had to sit on the girl's side of the classroom. This was where Tom told Becky he loved her, and wanted to marry her. She of course was flattered. That is until he told her about Amy. Becky got super jealous, and no longer wanted anything to do with Tom Sawyer. After Huck saved Widow Douglas's life, he moved in with her. She was like the mother that he never had. Huck didn't like this. He didn't like having rules, and having to go to school. In fact he hated it so much that he decided to run away. He left Widow Douglas, Tom, Joe, and all of the new friends that he had made. Tom didn't want to lose the new friend that he had made. At first it hadn't seemed like Tom and Huck would ever become friends. But after that they went through together, they become almost like brothers. So when Huck decided to run away, Tom was not going to allow it. He chased after Huck and managed to get him to stay. Huck didn't have a family, and basically had to manage on his own. Apart from Tom, Huck didn't have anyone to depend on. Huck even had to find his own food, sometimes having to go to extreme measures such as digging through trash cans. When Tom and Huck first met it seemed very unlikely that they would ever become friends. Almost everything about them was opposite. But after witnessing a murder, trying to cure warts, searching for treasure, falling in love, and almost dying Tom and Huck became friends. What they shared was almost more than a friendship. They were like brothers. Tom and Huck went into
the graveyard late one night
with the intentions of curing warts.
They got more then they bargained
for when they witnessed a murder.
Tom and Huck were so frigthened
when they seen Injun Joe kill
Dr. Robinson that they didn't know
what to do. Were they to put their
own lives on the line to save an
innocent man, or to live a life full
of guilt? Becky had accidently
spilled ink on her
teacher's book. Tom
knew that she was
going to get punished
severely. So instead of
letting Becky take the
whipping of a lifetime,
Tom said that he did it.
He took the blame in
hopes that this would
somehow mend the
pain that he had caused
Becky in bringing up Amy's
name. In the end, taking
the blame was the right
thing to do, since Tom and
Becky end up having a great
relationship. When Tom went to find Huck and try and get him not to run away, he came up with a plan. He told Huck that if he ran away he couldn't be a robber with Tom. Tom explained how fun being a robber would be even if they were rich. This in the end is what gets Huck to come back, and share more adventures than ever.
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