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Copy of Geometry: Shape Measures

Students will learn how to calculate perimeter, circumfrence and area for 2D shapes and surface area and volume for 3D shapes.

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Geometry: Shape Measures

Geometry: Shape Measures
- Draw, construct, and describe geometrical figures and the relationships between them.

- Solve real-life and mathematical problems involving angle measure, surface area, and volume.
Meets the following CA Content Standards:
2D and 3D Shapes:
PAIR SHARE: Share some important
differences and similarities between
two dimensional and three dimensional
shapes with your elbow partner.
What does the word

really mean?
meaning to measure
meaning the earth
so.... to measure the earth
Why is geometry important?

Which professions are connected directly to geometry?
Geometry surrounds us... did you ever wonder...
~ what an architect needs to know in order to...
- build bridges
- design rooftops
- create sturdy structures

~ how cars are built and designed

~ how 12 ounces of soda fits perfectly into a soda can

~ how cell phones are made so compactly

~ how computers are designed

~ how animation works

~ how swimming pools have a shallow end and a deep end

~ how video gamers create cool visual graphics
Without geometry...
- buildings would not be constructed securely
- Wii would not exist
- PIXAR would not exist
- sports analysis regarding angles and positions would not be possible
- everything manmade around you would not be constructed prperly
- there would be no standard dimensions nor sizes (ie. 8 1/2 X 11 paper, grande starbucks drink, size 6 shoe, 28 inch waist size pants, 8 ounces of water, 12pt font, etc.)
Lets start our study of geometry by looking at shapes...
Measuring Shapes
Surface Area
2D Shapes

3D Shapes

Finding the area of a shape means finding out how many square units fill up that shape.

Finding the perimeter of an shape means adding up the lengths of the edges of the shape.
Finding the surface area of a figure means adding up the area of each side of the figure
Finding the volume of a figure means determining how many units can fill up the space inside the figure.
NOTE: For a circle, the distance of the outside, similar to perimeter, is called the circumfrence instead.
Real world examples:
Real world examples:
Real world examples:
Real world examples:
- When people tile, carpet, or get wood paneled floors, they are charged based on the area of the space they are covering (ie. based on how many square tiles are used).
- When fencing a specific area of land, the amount of fencing to purchase is based on the perimeter of the area being fenced.
- In order to gift wrap a box, you would need to know the dimensions of the box and learn its surface area, so that you have enough paper to cover it.
- When items are packed, the form of the package/box/can/bottle/etc. matches the amount or volume of what goes inside.
Two Dimensional Shape Formulas
Three Dimensional Shape Formulas
Instead of just memorzing formulas, I would like you to gain a strong understanding of different figures and how the formulas to measure their perimeter/area/volume came to be...
Your task should you choose to accept...
...is to make an art mobile that includes seven different geometric shapes!
There are two parts to this project!



In the first part of this assignment, you will be creating an art mobile. You can use a hanger, wires, and/or string to create the structure of your mobile. From the structure you will hang seven figures.

- three figures must be two dimensional shapes that you draw, color, cut out.

- three figures must be net drawings of 3D figures, cut out and created on graph paper.

- your final figure will be a 3D figure that you build.

What is an art mobile? Click here to learn about them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_%28sculpture%29

In the second part, you will demonstrate your understanding of different geometric formulas, using the figures from
your mobile, complete the following chart:


Sample mobiles?

- www.teacherpractive.com

- www.life123.com/parenting/education/geometry/

- www.math-videos-online.com

- www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/index.html

Check out this video regarding professions that are dependent upon geometry:
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