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US Map

No description

Jesus Cardenas

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of US Map

US Map
US Map
State Capital:Sacramento
state flower:
Eschscholzia californica
State song:I love california
State Capital:austin
State flower:Blue bonnet
state song: Texas our texas
Florida population is 19.32 million
State capital:Tallahasee
State song:swanee river
New York state capital: Albany
New york population: 19.57 mil
New York State song: I Love New York
State population:5.188mil
State song:Rocky Mountain High
State Capital:Denver
State capital:honulolo
State population:1,404,054
State Song:Hawaii Pono
state Capital:Juneau
State Population:735,132
State State song:Alaska flag

State capitol: springfeild
State population:12,882,135
State song: Illnois

State song:Oregon My oregon
State Capital:Salem
State population 3,899
State Population:
State capital: Boise
State song:Here we go Idaho
State song:We Love us some montana
State capital:Helena
State population:1.005
State Capital: Carson City
State population:2.759miil
State song: Home means Nevada
State Capital:Salt Lake
State population: 2.855
State song:Utah heres the place
State Capitol:Phoenix
State Population:6.553
State capitol:Cheyenne State population:582,658
State Capitol:Santa fa Sate population:2,085,287
State population:6.897
State capital:Olympie
State capitol:Bismarck
State population:699,628
State capitol:Linncoln
State population:1855525
State capitol:Topeka
State population:2.886Mill
State capital:Oklahoma city
State population:3.815
State capital:Bismarch State population:844,877
State Capital:Saint Paul
State Population: 5.379
State Capital: Des Moines
State Population:3.074
State song: The song of Iowa
State Capital:Jefferson city
State population:6022
State song:missouri Walts
State Capital: Little rock
State population:2.949
State song:Arkansas oh Arkansas
State Capital:Baton rouge
State Population:4.602
State Song:You are my sunshine
State Capital: Jackson
State Population: 2.985
State Song: Go Mississippi
State Capital: Montgomery
State Population: 4.822
State Song: "Alabama''
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