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OB221 Team 5 Final Presentation

No description

Alicia Kosasih

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of OB221 Team 5 Final Presentation

Architectural Features
Ceremonies Team Five Advertising Agency
Founded in Boston in 1968
Offices: New York, South Carolina, and Miami
Part of Interpublic Group of Companies
Professor French's Examples
Interesting Industry
Reflective of Team Ethics and Values Culture Shared Leadership Model
Encouraged to grow
Influence others
Collective effort
Opportunities in the VUCA world
"Modern Marketing" Leadership About
Hill Holliday Why Hill Holliday? Motivation Communication Take Aways Our team “At our core, we are family. We take care of our own, both our employees and our clients.” -Hill Holliday Alicia Kosasih
Giulienne Bartolome
Kevin Schreiber
Preona Sihota
Shree Chudasama
Thomas Cui Team 5 Express yourself
Innovation and creativity
Challenging clients
Physical features Opportunities
Room for growth
"OK isn't." "They really encourage the entrepreneurial spirit."
Ryan Healey, Analyst Agenda
Company Analysis
Team 5's Journey Account Executive: Thomas
Art Director: Preona
Copywriter: Giulienne
Project Manager: Kevin Skit Roles SWOT ANALYSIS/RECOMMENDATIONS S W O T Thank you Conclusion Questions?
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