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Welcome to the TSTC Family!

No description

Melissa Curtis

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to the TSTC Family!

Agenda for Today
Morning Session
Policy & Procedure
Team Photo for OurSpace
Lunch Break (1 hour)
Afternoon Session
IT - website & more
Benefits and Retirement
Wrap-up and release!!

About TSTC
Campus Locations:
West Texas: Abilene, Breckenridge, Brownwood, Sweetwater. TSTC also has several satellite programs: Hutto, Ingleside, Red Oak
More than 15,000 students attend TSTC, only state-supported technical college system in Texas, co-educational two-year technical institution
We have over 100 Associate Degrees and Certificate programs to choose from
Waco has over 700 employees

Waco Campus
Acting President:
Rob Wolaver
Leadership IS KEY!
Mike Reeser & TSTC Values
Chancellor with VISION!
ALP - Attendance Leave Pay Report
Non-Exempt/Exempt Employees
Code for other hours
Rescheduled Holiday
Compensatory Time
Emergency Leave
Jury Duty
Military Duty
Unauthorized Absence (unpaid)
Approved Absence (unpaid)

ALP Continued...
Vacation Accrual Schedule (Full-Time) - 6 month waiting period
Sick Time (8) hours - can use from day 1
Longevity Pay - Staff Only\
note-PT employees earn 1/2
Pay & Holiday Schedule
Pay - Paid once a month on the first business day of the month. (Bi-Weekly paid every 2 weeks)

Holiday Schedule - Eligible for Holiday pay from day one for Full-time employees.

PT Employees who are benefits eligible earn 1/2 day
Welcome to the FAMILY!!
Instant access to unlimited information, this is a privilege

Visit to inappropriate sites are prohibited i.e., sexually explicit, hate or discriminatory related sites, gambling etc...

Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter

Lock workstation when you Walk away!

Use of School Computers & Internet Access
Flyer & Brochures
HIV/AIDS and the Workplace:
Students and employees do not have to let us know their status
Please refrain from cleaning blood, we have trained First Responders

Workers' Compensation:
Contact Cindy Volney ext: 2371
Please note drug and alcohol screening will be required for all accidents and injuries during the scope of duty.
Brochures Continued...
Whistle Blower Act:
No retaliation for reporting against policy/procedures

Drug/Alcohol Abuse Prevention Awareness:
Drug Free & Alcohol Free Campus
Reasonable suspicion-drug & alcohol testing

EAP - Employee Assistance Program:
All are eligible, 5 free sessions per issue for you and your dependents

Traffic and Parking Regulations:
Park in designated spaces
Obey all traffic signs
Brown Pole/Blue lights-Emergency use

Explanation of Sexual Harassment & Work Place Ethics Online Training
Name Badge: Tech-One Card Office

Parking Tag: Cashiers Office
You will need Make & Model, License Plate number
Request for Employee I.D. Card
TSTC Campus Locations
Educators Credit Union
TSTC Bookstore
Transportation and Services
TSTC Connally Golf Course
Workforce Development
Student Learning
TSTC Foundation

All that SWAG!
Thank you!
Sign & Return
Request for Transcript - Acknowledgement form
Proficiency in the Use of English-Faculty Only

COP-College Operating Procedures &
SOS-System Operating Standards
Workers Compensation
Drugs and Alcohol Statement
Sexual Harassment Statement
Racial Harassment Statement
Nepotism Statement
TSTC Waco Student Right-To-Right & Campus Security Act
Sign & Return Continued
Employee Affidavit
Awarding Contracts/bids/purchasing (remain fair/neutral party, could not accept gifts or bribes)
You did not directly or indirectly pay for this position

Employee Crime Victim Identification Election Form
Acknowledgment of COP & SOS-VIEW WEBSITE
The good stuff!!
Discount at TSTC Bookstore
Discount at Tornado Alley Cafe
Dependent Tuition Reduction
Employee Release time and/or scholarship
Professional Development Day
Awards Day
Earth Day
State rate at hotels, discounts with cell phone companies
Check your emails for upcoming events
Culinary Arts, Automotive, Welding, Building Construction
Recreation Center-full gym, treadmills, elliptical, basketball court, racquet ball, ping-pong, weight room, computers, X-Box etc...
ERS also has Discount Purchase Program on products, cars, electronics, vacations
Onthehub.com-discount-microsoft office, Sam's Club, Local Restaurants
TSTC Vision & Values

Texas State Technical College will be a leader in strengthening the competitiveness of Texas business and industry by building the state’s capacity to develop the highest quality workforce.

Communication is key!

Who do I tell if...
Know your Chain of Command
Performance - 6 months for staff & 12 months for faculty - Kelly Contella -
What is in the future for TSTC?

Accreditation- Accreditation is the recognition that an institution maintains standards requisite for its graduates to gain admission to other reputable institutions of higher learning or to achieve credentials for professional practice. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality.

TSTC is actively seeking single accreditation-so you...
may start to hear the term "System" phased out and hear the term "Statewide" being used.


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