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Alfred Wegener is G.

Mr. Morris' famous scientist project

Mindy Nguyen

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Alfred Wegener is G.

Wegener attended the Köllnische Gymnasium in his home town. Alfred Wegener Died: Residence: Citizenship: Fields: Known For: November 1930 (50 yrs.) Germany German Continential Drift Theory Born: Meteorology, Geology, Astronomy He made many contributions to meteorology such as using balloons to track air circulation. Alfred made many expeditions to Greenland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Wegener http://www.awi.de/en/news/press_releases/detail/item/death_on_the_eternal_ice/?cHash=e0eabb75e23587f796f550b3c1ac3351 Sources: November 18, 1880 The Continental shelf of the Americas fit closely to Africa and Europe, and Antarctica, Australia, India and Madagascar fit next to the tip of Southern Africa. In his work, Wegener presented a large amount of circumstantial evidence in support of continental drift, but he was unable to come up with a convincing mechanism. While his ideas attracted a few early supporters, the hypothesis was generally met with skepticism. Alfred found that large geographic features
on seperated continents matched very closely
together. The Appalachian Mountains in North
America matched with the Scottish Highlands.
He also found that fossils found in certain places
indicated that there was a climate different from
the climate today. Alfred created the theory of
continental drift. He claimed that all of the continents
were once joined together to form a single mass
called Pangea and it had split. He wasn't the first
to suggest Pangea, but he was the first to present
evidence. He was drafted into the German army in 1914. Alfred was released after being injured. He died one or two days later after returning from a rescue mission from Greenland. After he had finished school he studied physics, astronomy and meteorology at the Friedrich Wilhelms University and earned his Ph.D. in astronomy under the direction of Julius Bauschinger in 1905. His main interest was in Meteorology. Created By: Mindy & Richard Nguyen
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