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Colon Cancer

No description

Manal Alfakih

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Colon Cancer

Dietary Factors as Protectors
or Predictors For Colon
Cancer. Introduction The Research Objectives Colon Cancer in western societies.

Colon cancer in United states .

Colon Cancer in China. 1.To assess the protector effect of daily food
items in colon cancer.

2.To assess the association between different
food items and development colon cancer.

3. To study the relation between BMI and waist
circumference and colon cancer. •Study design: Case-control study.

•Study settings: King Fahd Medical City (KFMC).

•Study population: Patients admitted to KFMC
between “October 2012 until now”.

•Sample size: 100 cases/100 controls. m Alaa Rashad Manal AlGhamdi Colon Cancer
Protectors Physical Activity Whole Grains
& Legumes Green Tea Colon Cancer
Predictors Methods and Materials "Colon Cancer in Saudi Arabia " Why Colon
Cancer..? 1- Colon cancer is common in Saudi Arabia. Colon Cancer
In Saudi
Arabia Why Colon
Cancer Colon Cancer
Protectors and predictors Research
Aim Materials
Methods Processed & Red Meat Obesity, BMI and Waist
Circumference * 100 cases admitted to KFMC
diagnosed with colon cancer will be selected.
* For each case one control matching the case as
regard sex ,age will be selected from other
departments of the same hospital. Procedure Thank You Ala'a Rashad
Manal AlGhamdi Any Questions? Dr. Sameerah Colon cancer is common in Saudi Arabia.
Colon cancer among Saudi male and female population. First Cancer Third Cancer Cancer incidence in KSA during 2004 9381 cases. 647 cases were colon
cancer cases ( 9.3 %) Continue ... 60 years (old*)
The median age at diagnosis
58 years Riyadh
9.6/100,000 "The Five Regions with The
Highest Incidence of Colon
Cancer in KSA" Eastern Region
9.8/100,000 Northern Region
9.6/100,000 Tabuk
8.2/100,000 Makkah
7.4/100.000 2- It appears to be related to several dietary & lifestyle factors. & Questionnaire References Introduction References (56.6%) (43.4.%) 1- Satia A,Tseng M,Galanko J,Martin C,Sandler R. Dietary Patterns and Colon Cancer Risk in Whites and African Americans in the North Carolina Colon Cancer Study. Nutrition and Cancer.2009;61(2):179–93
2- McCredie M, Macfarlane GJ, Bell J, Coates M. Second primary cancers after cancers of the colon and rectum in New South Wales, Australia, 1972-1991. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 1997;6:155-60.
3- O'Connell J, Maggard M, Liu J, Etzioni D, Livingston E, Ko C.Rates of colon and rectal cancers are increasing in young adults. The American Surgeon. 2003; 69(10): 866-72.
4-Ibrahim E, Zeeneldin A, El-Khodary T, Al-Gahmi A, Bin Sadiq B. Past, Present and Future of Colorectal Cancer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Journal Of Gastroenterology. 2008;14(4): 178-82.
5- Al-Saleh I, Arif J, El-Doush I, Al-Sanea N, Jabbar A, Billedo G,Mohamed G.Carcinogen DNA adducts and the risk of colon cancer: case-control study. Biomarkers. 2008; 13(2): 201-16.
6--Koushik A,Hunter D,Spiegelman D, et al. Fruits, Vegetables, and Colon Cancer Risk in a Pooled Analysis of 14 Cohort Studies. JNCI.2007;1471-1483.
The Research Aim The goal is to assess the association between dietary habits among cancer colon patients in Saudi Arabia.
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