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Who are the IT Geeks?

No description

IT Geeks

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Who are the IT Geeks?

Who are the IT Geeks
We are the student face of IT!
We are EKU Students!
We love to have fun!
Our services are FREE to all students!
We will help you in any way we can!

Our Locations
What Do We Do?
Getting students connected
to the Internet at EKU (eg., computer, game consoles, media devices)
Mobile Device Setup
Virus/malware cleanup
EKU software
installation (eg.,
Symantec, Office365
Cloud Printing
Computer and electronics checkout
(eg., cameras, iPads, projectors)
In-lab checkouts
(eg., game consoles, games, headphones)
Electronics recycling
(eg., cell phones, printer cartridges)
Tech Tutoring/Training
(eg., Read&Write Gold, Office)
Mobile Device Charging Stations

available in all locations!
Online Services offered to Students
Student Email
25GB Mailbox
This is the official form of EKU communication and the email is good for life!
Contains course content for your classes & current course grades.
This program helps you organize and manage your course work.
EKU Direct
Registration, financial aid, midterm and final grades, transcripts, fees, advising, and the syllabus index can be located and viewed on EKU Direct!
Group Collaboration Through
Online Cloud Storage
is available to all students

OneDrive allows for
sharing files/folders
with other individuals or groups

It makes
group projects
easier with synchronized copies of documents

It allows
online editing
with Microsoft Office 365
Available in Geek Library Atrium Location
Laptops, iPads,
and iPad Minis
Camcorders, Cameras, and Tripods
Projectors and Projector Screens
Video Games
Available in Geek Tech Commons Location!
Tech Commons - Powell 13
Library Atrium - Room 207
Combs 208 - Support Desk
In all Locations!!!
3D Printing
The EKU IT Geeks have a 3D printer! Each EKU student or employee can request one item per person per month, So choose wisely!

You can make your request at geeks.eku.edu/3d-printing-request
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