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Boys and Girls Club of the Great Lakes Bay Region

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Kristin Malinowski

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Boys and Girls Club of the Great Lakes Bay Region

Boys and Girls Club of the Great Lakes Bay Region
Organizational Structure
Location: Bay City, MI
Organizational Structure Continued
Our experience at Boys and Girls Club
Children, volunteers, and employees
With children directly playing, Legos, coloring, and supervising
Age: staff vs clients vs volunteers
Lifestyle: volunteers are more privileged
Gender: men held higher positions, women lower
Age: young volunteers are not taken seriously by clients
Lifestyle: difficulty bonding
Age: keep age at wide range
Lifestyle: volunteers are positive role models
Gender: mix women and men job positions
Manifest or Latent?
Opportunities: safety in the community, expansion, available to open on days off (snow days)
Constraints: funding, rely on volunteers, hours cut, donations
Mission Statement: "To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens."
Goals: develop character and leadership, assist in education and future career, improve health and life skills, encourage the arts, and support sports, fitness, and recreation
Serving: Boys and Girls ages 6-18 years old
Concepts: Family (Chapter 15)
Family vs Household
Family-relationships: Boys and Girls Club serves as a family
Household-house might not be as supportive
Stratification and Family Life
Majority of families fall into middle or missing class
Children are less privileged
Economic Transformation
Losing jobs/lower wages
Boys and Girls Club is cheap, can afford even after pay cut
Post-Modern Family
Both parents are employed
Children can be supervised at the organization
Non-Family Household
Many live with one parent or relatives
Need care and support B&G Club offers
Work-Family Interference
Spillover of emotions
Child can release energy from school, parent can release energy from work
Children vs Adolescents
Children are expensive, many go to work
B&G offers up to 18 years old but many work
By: Kristin Malinowski, Mackenzie Hubert, & Emma Beattie
Sociological Concepts
Conflict Model
Family supports the economy
Both parents work
Stratification: families fall into middle or lower class
Economic and employment hardships
Structural Change
Changes in the community
Safe environment for children
Safety in the community
Increased education
Volunteer Training
Club organization habits
Give volunteers specific jobs and activities to run
Set schedule
How did our experience impact:
Friendly companionship
Positive experience
wanted to return
Working with kids was enjoyable
Did not reach expectations
How did we impact the organization:
Offered helping hand
Watched children
Showed interest in community service
Positive role models
Personal Developement
Why we picked the B&G Club
Love for children
Positive influence in their lives
Emotions Experienced
What we learned about ourselves
enjoy helping
would rather be more hands on
willing to take initiative
Sense of community
more willing than was necessary for this particular experience
Personal Development Continued
Experiences (ie. typical day at B&G Club
Open at 3:00pm & Close 8:30pm Monday-Friday
Children come after school and stay until parents pick them up
Sign in and present membership card
Many areas and activities available
Homework Help
Video Games
Arts & Crafts
Gym Time
Personal Development Continued
Prior Stereotypes
Only disadvantaged children
Children were bad or rebellious
More costly
Limited technology & activities
Stereotypes changed/clients
After school, parents must drop off and pick up
Must follow strict rules, can be suspended/expelled
Only $10 per year
Computers, television, and video games available
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