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Sports Teams

No description

Maddy Goldie

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Sports Teams

Sports Teams
To be an effective member of a sports team you must

be supportive
be cooperative
have good communication skills
put trust in your teammates to do thier jobs
How team sports effect society
Sports have a major impact in society
People can become very passionate of a team, or even of a sport in general
Spectators can become so wrapped up in a game that they lead to rioting if thier team does not win (ie. the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup riot)
Sports are a social avenure for society to celebrate their accolades (Olympics)
Sports are an outlet for people to relieve stress through physical activity
A team sport is any sport that requires participation from 2 or more players
Each player must work with his/her teammates in order to all achieve a common goal
The first organized sports teams in Canada
Derived from the violent, Aboriginal game of "Baggataway"
In 1856 the Montreal Lacrosse Club was established; by the mid-1860s there were teams in Eastern Ontario
In 1875 The National Lacrosse Association was formed
By the 1880s Lacrosse was played nationwide.
Escalating violence in the game led to the collapse of the professional leagues in 1914
The game's base of support was narrowed down to Montreal, Victoria, Vancouver, New-Westminister, and a few small towns.
Box-Lacrosse was introduced (the game was plaed in arenas rather then in an open feld)
The Canadian Lacrosse Association was founded in 1925; this association formed rules and regulations regarding the game to keep it safe enough to keep people interested
In 1994 Parliament passed the Canada's National Sport Act
This act declared Lacrosse to be Canada's National Summer Sport;with hockey as the national winter sport
Sports teams make millions off of spectators through selling merchandise, tickets, food and drinks
There is still stereotypes in sports (girls can't play (ie) rugby, it's boy sport)
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