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By: Maya Mosley, Michaela Terrazas, Braylen Hines-King, Erick Espinosa

First Divali

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Divali

Divali: Background
info. Divali means "row of lamps."
It is a national holiday held in India to
celebrate the beginning of the Hindu New Year.
Divali is one of Indias most important festivals it
is celebrated by Hindus in other countries around the world as well.
How They Celebrate it...
at the begining of the Hindu New year they decorate walkways with rows of oil lamps and candles . People also decorate doorways with gardans of flowers & Mango leaves. They even celebrate with fireworks
Families make offering to Laxshmi
the goddess of wealth to ensure good fourtune Family members and
friends give each other greeting cards and gifts to share there love for each other on there New Year.
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