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An Agile Coaching Framework

Why coach Agile teams, and how to get better at it

Horia Slușanschi

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of An Agile Coaching Framework

Why coach Agile Teams and how to get better at it
An Agile Coaching Framework
Agile Knowledge- deep understanding of Agile and Lean frameworks, from underlying principles and values to specific practices and techniques. Learn continuously (ToC, Systems Thinking, Lean, Six Sigma, Queuing Theory, Cynefin, Beyond Budgeting, TA, etc.).

Agile Practice- use Agile and Lean practices & techniques effectively with real teams, in real organisations. Fine-tune, customise, innovate, inspect & adapt for best results.
Core Focus
Agile-Lean Practitioner
Competency Model:
Ethics & Professionalism, Establishing a Coaching Agreement
Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
Coaching Presence
Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Direct Communication
Creating Awareness, Designing Actions, Planning & Goal Setting
Managing Progress and Accountability
Learn more about the International Coach Federation
Process Focus
Custodian of the process for the client
Focus on the Team's definition of success, not your own
Help the Team achieve its purpose, not your own

Design Interactions
Agile Games - http://tastycupcakes.org/category/agile/
Fierce conversations -
Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats
Process Focus
Use the right educational approach, at the right time
Be mindful of "why" and "how" people & teams learn
Ask lots of questions, start by understanding each mentee
Share personal knowledge and insights, demo hands-on
Story-telling, anecdotes, context-specific humor
Inspire others to emulate your enthusiasm, build capability
Join Coaching Circles - http://bit.ly/CoachingStance
Content Focus
Teaching & Mentoring
Be fearless to get your hands "dirty":
Test DD, Acceptance Test DD, Behaviour-Driven Development
Agile Modeling - http://agilemodeling.com/
Domain-Driven Design -
Literate Programming, Domain-Specific Languages, Frameworks
Continuous Integration, DevOps
Code Quality Assessment -
Agile Life-cycle Management - Jira, RallyDev, VersionOne, etc.
Domain Focus
Technical Mastery
Understand business strategy and management frameworks:
Hoshin Kanri (strategy deployment)
Beyond Budgeting
Throughput Accounting
Lean Product Development Flow
Radical Management
Industry-specifc frameworks (e.g. eTOM, FEAF, etc.)
Purpose-specific frameworks (e.g. TOGAF, CoBIT, ITIL, etc.)
Domain Focus
Business Mastery
Promote a smooth cultural transformation journey:
Management of Change
Organizational Design & Development
Scaled Agile Framework - http://ScaledAgileFramework.com
Theory of Constraints
Systems Thinking
Strategic management, complexity theory
Cynefin sense-making framework
Stoos Network - http://stoosnetwork.org/
Domain Focus
Transformational Mastery
Where to next?
Lyssa Adkins - Coaching Agile Teams
In sports, we wouldn't dream of expecting high performance from a team without a Coach.
Why wouldn't we have an Agile Coach for our Agile Teams?

Agile Coaches accelerate continuous improvement across the entire organisation, inspiring joy in work for their Teams.
Astute Leaders can develop into Agile Coaches.
Careful Managers can hire Agile Coaches.
Purpose: Delight for Customers & joy in work for Teams
Why Coach Agile Teams?
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